A yummy asian experience

IMG_8565 3.jpgI you are from United States or Canada, you probably heard about or visited a PF Chang restaurant. If you’re not from North America, you definitely need to put this place on you must try. Being raised part of my childhood at my grandparents house in West Palm beach, Florida, I had the chance to discover those yummy PF Changs restaurants back then, but that was a long time ago. The only meal I could remember was the lettuce rolls, my favorites.

Recently, I was lucky again to enjoy a lunch and on another occasion a diner just the week after and got to taste a few yummy dishes from their menu.

Here are the ones that we tried and my absolute favorites*:


IMG_8532 2

  • Lettuce wrap* ( I prefer the vegan option but the chicken version is amazing too )
  • Crispy green beans
  • Edamane
  • Ahi tartare with avocados*


  • shrimps steamed dumplings ( the peanut sauce is a MUST )
  • Lobster avocado roll*


IMG_8570 4

  • Walnut shrimps with melon ( one of their most popular plate )
  • Coconut curry vegetables*
  • Loe Mein with rice noodles


IMG_8576 5

  • Banana spring roll (with their EXCLUSIVE coconut-pineapple ice cream* made especially for the chain)


  • It’s a trendy, beautiful and welcoming restaurant
  • It’s  really family/kid friendly
  • the restaurant has a nice bar area, to enjoy a cocktail “sans kids”
  • The menu has so many choices for everyone’s taste
  • They have a lot of vegan options
  • they also offer takeout for nights that I don’t feel like cooking


Did you know that P.F. Chang’s concept was founded on making food from scratch every day in every restaurant. Since 1993, P.F. Chang’s chefs have been hand-rolling dim sum, hand chopping and slicing all vegetables and meats, scratch cooking every sauce and wok-cooking each dish, every day in every restaurant.  Today, P.F. Chang’s has 210+ U.S. restaurants, including airport locations, plus 66 international locations in more than 19 countries across the globe. Which one have you visited?


So I’ve teamed up with them in order to give one lucky winner a 50$ gift card. All you have to do is:

  1. follow me @chic.mom.in.the.city on Instagram
  2. follow PF Changs account on Instagram
  3. Tell us in the comments below your Instagram handle and where you are from
  4. Contest ends sunday night, May 6th at 11:59pm

Good luck everyone

Stephanie xx


sleep regression… for 6 months now

IMG_9005 5.jpgI recently posted in my stories and IG page that we were living a sleep regression with Axel, approaching 2 1/2 years.

I can’t remember if this all started when we changed him from his crib to his toddler’s bed ( I don’t think so ) but I remember it all started shortly after. The reason why we changed his bed from crib to toddler bed was because it was more a matter of the crib no longer being a safe place for him because he was constantly climbing it.

First, he started waking up at around 1-2 am but since a few weeks, he wakes up 1-2 hours AFTER falling asleep ( we put our youngest kids to bed at 7:30-7:40 )… and then , wont’t sleep and worst, doesn’t want to go back to his room and bed.

IMG_9119 2.JPG

I tried putting back him in there but it’s worst, he cries a lot, and then if I stay by his side longer to make sure he falls asleep deeply, well, he doesn’t because as soon as I ( or daddy ) moves a bit, he pulls his head up and then starts being worry that we will leave his room without him.

I know ( not sure because I didn’t experience this with my 2 oldest ) that we should stick to putting him back to bed, but I just don’t…. and am actually missing hours of sleep…like a lot. Also, when he was sleeping in his transition bed, he also ended up sleeping on the floor, just beside his toddler bed,  but at least he was ending up on his fluffy carpet by his bed.

As I am a person who loves to make lists and that I’m  always trying to find solutions for our problems, I made some researches and would like to share with you what I found and also, what worked for us. I will also be sharing what other moms shared with me after posting about this subject… and let me tell you mamas, we ARE NOT alone. Maybe it’s some nighttime separation anxiety. Maybe it’s sleep regression. Maybe it’s just a phase… but we, ( parents ) need sleep.

IMG_9116 2

So I really hope it HELPS US ALL and if you have any more comments, tricks, tips or experiences that you would like to share, please feel free to comment below.

Day 1: After a good 6 months now in his toddler bed, I thought that getting a  Dockatot * would be a great idea and would help us getting our FULL nights of sleep back. We placed the dockatot in Axel’s transition bed ( not in his crib, please read the * note below for safety tips ) and we explained him that his new mattress will help him sleep better and make good dreams…. just so he feels confident when he would go to bed that night. He tried it, just faked sleeping in it and it was a nice moment, all smooth and even asked for his little dolls to be by his side when he sleep trained at that moment. So we let him decorate his new space and choose whatever he wanted.

Also, I truly think that he missed being surrounded by the border of his crib, bringing him some kind of security … since he was always sleeping in one of a corner of the crib, head against the crib sides. So, by bringing him back a smallest space to sleep, and recreating a nurturing and cozy surrounding where he would feel calmer being in a smaller environment. The DockATot®creates a soft and tender surrounding for little ones to lie in and feel snug and comforted.

IMG_9001 2

Some points I tried verifying that we did right:

Schedule: Is the time that we put our son to bed maybe to early? Did you know that our toddler needs at least 5 hours of wake time between the end of the afternoon nap and bedtime. He wakes up from his nap at around 14;30 so the math is good.

Strong bedtime routine: and by bedtime routine, I mean a REAL routine. Since we have 2 older ones that goes to school, bedtime needs to be really respected as we will pay the price the day after with the morning routine this time. So, repeating the same exact routine daily is crucial, and I can notice that we respected that strong routine.

IMG_8992 2

Night 1: Axel went to bed at 7:40, with some lullabies and fell asleep ( with me on his side ) really quickly and woke up at 6:15 and arrived in my bed ( my alarm is at 6:20 ) so that was a great first good night.

Night 2: Axel went to be at 7:45, again with some quiet music and fell asleep with me again, pretty fast. He woke up that night at around 5:00 and of course came into our bed really quickly.

Night 3- 7: Axel went to bed with almsot the same routine as every other nights, with me laying by his side, with some quiet and calming music. He fells asleep really easily, and wakes up at around 5:15-5:30 every morning and comes in our bed at that time, and woke up once at around 3:00, but I was able to put him back to sleep in his bed.

Night 8+: It’s been over then a full week now that he is sleeping much better now, in his new cosy and cuddly environment. He still wakes uo at around 5:00-5;15 but at least stays in his bed all night… Hope it atys like that.

  • Note :The [DockATot / Sleepyhead] is neither a bassinet, crib nor cradle and was not designed to be used as so. The Grand * the one we have,  is a cozy spot for toddlers to rest and is ideal for safely easing the crib to bed transition.


  1. avoid making the switch during other major transitions ( like a new baby arrival, potty training, a move,
  2. conquer one major milestone at a time
  3. the best time to make the transition is when your child asks for it
  4. Try to place the new bed in the same place as the crib ( and make more changes months later )
  5. let your child choose his favorite confort items ( blanket, doll, plush animal…)
  6. a soft nightlight can help decrease their fears

IMG_9126 2.JPG

So, the resume, our concern was really trying to have him sleep all night in his bed, so what worked for us was:

  • Bed time routine, for us it’s 7:45
  • we place the new toddler bed at the same place his crib was. Axel’s toddler bed is a Gautier studio
  • quiet bedtime baby music, our favorite is this one on youtube
  • staying by his side while he falls asleep
  • bottle or warm milk ( yes, he still wants a warm bottle of milk at night… PS: don’t judge me please)
  • Axel’s favorite doll
  • getting a new DockaTot lounger

So please tell me we are not alone, and mostly, if you experienced this in the past, I would love to read what worked for you as well…

Stephanie xx

Lip care


I was thinking that chapped lips was something that only happens in the winter, but the truth is, that our lips can get dry, sore, and scaly any time of year.

I posted recently a story asking you if you had any tips, favorite products and tricks about lip care for cracked lips, due to winter and cold temperature…and that was also a few days after I came back from my vacations in Dominican Republic so I totally think that my lips didn’t like the drastic temperature change.

I received many product suggestions, tried a few of them and wanted to share with you what you all shared with me after that post… some are natural, some are preventive and some of them are brands that you all recommended to me… and thanks again for all your comments, tips and suggestions. I just NEEDED to share with all of you!


IMG_9037 2


  • apply lip protection  before you put on lipstick or lip gloss
  • choose a lip balm with sun protection year-round
  • don’t lick your lips when outside
  • don’t exfoliate if they are already chapped

Hope you liked that and helps you because it REALLY did for me.

Thanks again to you all for all your suggestions and tips. Another reason why I LOVE social medias… to be able to SHARE!

happy sunday!

Stephanie xxx




Easter Lindor Lindt eggs hunt & GIVEAWAY

IMG_8358 2

*** GIVEAWAY at the end of text for you to win a 100$ value LINDT basket ***

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Just like every year, we do the traditional egg hunt with the kids and they love it. I don’t actually imagine myself stopping this tradition, that we use to do when we were  kids too.

This year, I wanted to start a new Easter tradition with my little ones to twist our traditional egg hunt a little bit but also, to make it last longer, more fun, have less fighting over the number of eggs they actually each got ( because hey that is a reality ) and where they would have to work a little more.

Let me talk to you about my new LINDT GOLD BUNNY and Lindor egg hunt hunt.

Since we have 3 boys in really different group ages, we thought it would be fun to do a little bit of math for my 2 oldest Liam and Loic,  and go with a 1 color only hunt for Axel, which are all things that they can easily manage at their respective age, where the LINDT GOLD BUNNY would be the teacher of course.

IMG_8361 2

So here is what we did:

1. We spray painted plastic eggs in 3 different colors for the boys, ( gold and black ) and a red for Axel’s eggs.

2. We placed inside of each eggs some LINDOR eggs and LINDT GOLD BUNNY.

3. We then numbered every eggs ( the black and gold ) with ”answers” from a math equations.

So Liam and Loic got each a sheet with math equations that they needed to resolve before starting the egg hunt, and then go and find the numbers that would match their answers.

What I liked about this kind of search, is that no matter how fast or young they are, there will be no fighting on the number of eggs they each found. They will have all the equal amount of eggs and goodie bag.

IMG_8363 2.JPG

It all starts when the LINDT GOLD BUNNYy “Teacher” gives them their respective sheet, with an Easter themed pencil and then they can start writing down their answers.

When they are done with the answers, they can start the hunt trying to find the matching numbers ( where of course, we did arrange it that no answer would be matching).

Can’t wait to have this LINDOR EGGS hunt on next weekend and have some more fun with this new challenge!

More Fun Things to Hide for Easter Egg Hunts

  • LINDOR Chocolate eggs obviously
  • Crayons and Easter printables
  • Cute stuffed animals eg rabbits
  • Bubbles
  • Easter themed Temporary Tattoos
  • Easter themed stickers

What is your annual Easter tradition with the kids?

What Easter tradition do you remember from your childhood?

Please visit this Lindt’s page to find all of our Easter favorites: http://www.lindt.ca/80/

Thanks for stopping by!

Stephanie xx

**** GIVEAWAY****

To enter a 100$ value Lindt Gold Bunny basket contest, please enter you IG handle in the comments below and on my Instagram Lindt post and tell me if you prefer, milk, white or dark chocolate. Good Luck everyone. Contest ends Sunday, April 1st, 2018.


Make change possible

IMG_6672 2WE Day ( version française ci-bas )
A unique, life-changing experience for young people
On February 22, my 13-year- old son and I had the opportunity to attend #WEday, an
international movement of which TELUS is a proud national co-sponsor in Canada.

A few words about WE Day

WE Day is the manifestation of the WE movement, which brings together young people across the world to MAKE CHANGE POSSIBLE. Many WE Day events have been held around the globe to celebrate young people getting involved in their communities and give them a chance to experience the world’s greatest classroom. These events bring together world-renowned artists and celebrities—people like Selena Gomez, Magic Johnson, Demi Lovato, Charlize Theron, Maripier Morin and the co-founders of the WE movement: Craig and Marc Kielburger. WE empowers young people, teachers and families to MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.

Stand up to cyberbullying TELUS wants to help build a more inclusive and just world, in both the real and digital sense. It’s what inspired the company to partner with WE Day to show everyone that we can #RiseAbove cyberbullying. With all the access we have to social media these days, our kids are increasingly likely to experience cyberbullying, or just plain bullying, in their daily lives. For that reason, I really wanted to attend the event with my teenage son. People, and especially young people, can be incredibly mean to each other—particularly when they feel like the other person (the victim) has a weakness, whether that may be their physical appearance, race,
nationality, language, choices, orientation, you name it. But it’s 2018. Shouldn’t this stop? How can we better equip ourselves and help young people to rise up against cyberbullying?

At WE Day, many young people told their stories and explained how they overcame their fear of their aggressor and made the bullying stop. Together, these teens are also able to help other young people who might be being bullied and who may lack the tools or courage to confront their aggressor. I believe that as parents, we need to talk to our children to educate them and let them know that we are there for them if they are ever faced with such a situation, whether online or elsewhere.
During the event, it was touching to see these 2,000 students from high schools across the
province supporting each other and sharing solutions to real problems that they face every day.
These young people are our future, and I find it reassuring and even inspiring to see that at such a young age, they have good heads on their shoulders and are responsible, proud, driven and want to change the world together. As the saying goes: if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.
Have you ever been bullied?

I have, as have some of my friends, and I really wish such a movement and resources like those from TELUS Wise had existed back then. Don’t be afraid to share your story with those around you. By reaching out, you might just help your children or a friend find the resources they need to get through a difficult time.
And don’t forget to encourage your kids to change the world in their own way, one small act of generosity at a time!



La journée UNIS ( WE day )

Une expérience unique pour les jeunes qui changera leur vie.

Le 22 février dernier, j’ai eu la chance d’assister à une journée d’un mouvement international, et ce avec mon adolescent de 13 ans, #WEday, dont TELUS est un des fiers commanditairenationaux.

Je vous parle brièvement de la journée UNIS

Cette journée UNIS est la manifestation d’un mouvement UNIS qui rend le CHANGEMENT POSSIBLE. Plusieurs Journées UNIS ont lieu partout dans le monde, pour célébrer l’engagement des jeunes dans leur communautés et leur permettre de faire l’expérience de la meilleure salle de classe au monde.Ces événements réunissent plusieurs personnalités de renommée internationale et des artistes tels que Selena Gomez, Magic Johnson, Demi LovatoCharlize Theron, MariPier Morin ainsi que les cofondateurs du mouvement UNIS, Craig et Marc KielburgerUNIS donne aux jeunes, aux professeurs et aux familles les moyens de RENDRE LE MONDE MEILLEUR.


Contre la cyber intimidation

TELUS veut contribuer à bâtir un monde (réel et numérique) plus inclusif et plus juste. C’est ce qui a poussé l’entreprise à s’associer aux Journées UNIS pour montrer à tous que la cyber intimidation, nous pouvons tous être #AudessusdeçaPuisque de nos jours, avec tous l’accès aux médias sociaux, nos jeunes sont de plus en plus susceptibles de faire face à la cyber intimidation, ou à de l’intimidation tout court au quotidien, je tenais vraiment à assister à cet évènement avec mon grand garçon. Les gens, surtout les jeunes peuvent être tellement méchants entre eux, et surtout lorsqu’ils sentent que l’autre ( la victime ) a un point faible, que ce soit par son apparence, par sa race ou nationalité, par son physique, par sa langue, par ses choix ou orientation, la liste est longue, mais en 2018, est-ce que cela ne doit pas arrêter? Comment pouvons-nous mieux nous outiller et aider les jeunes à s’élever contre la cyber intimidation ?

Lors de cette journée UNIS , plusieurs jeunes racontaient leur histoire et expliquaient comment ils ont surmontés leur peur face à leur agresseur et ont ainsi fait arrêter l’intimidation qui leur était destiné. De plus, ensemble, ces jeunes adolescents sont capable d’aider d’autres jeunes qui pourraient faire face à l’intimidation et manquerait peut être soit d’outils ou de courage pour faire face à leur intimidateur. Je crois qu’en tant que parent, il faut en discuter avec nos jeunes afin de les sensibiliser et leur laisser savoir que nous sommes là pour les soutenir s’ils font face à ce genre de situation, en ligne ou ailleurs

Lors de cet événement, ce fût touchant de voir ces 2,000 jeunes, provenant d’écoles secondaires de la province, se soutenir et partager ensemble des solutions à des problèmes concrets qu’ils vivent au quotidien. Ces jeunes sont notre futur et je trouve ça rassurant, même inspirantde voir, qu’à de si jeunes âges, ils ont une tête sur les épaules, ils sont responsables, fiers, fonceurs et veulent changer le monde, ensembles… car seul on va plus vite peut-être, mais ensemble, on va certainement plus loin. 

Avez-vous déjà été victime d’intimidation?

Moi oui, ainsi que quelques-unes de mes ami(e)set j’aurais vraiment aimé qu’un tel mouvement et que des ressources comme celles fournies par TELUS Averti existent à ce moment-làN’hésitez pas à partager votre histoire avec ceux qui vous entourent. Cette main tendue aidera peut-être vos jeunes ou un ami à trouver des ressources pour l’aider dans un moment difficile.

Et aussi, encouragez vos jeunes à changer le monde à leur façon, un petit geste de générosité à la fois !



On découvre Le Petit Cocon

IMG_6547 2

Il y a 2 semaines, nous avons découvert la superbe boutique Le Petit Cocon, située au cœur du Vieux-Saint-Jean, en Montérégie. Dans cette boutique,  LE rêve d’une maman de 3 enfants, Dominik Cadieux, nous y avons découvert de nombreux accessoires, des vêtements tendances et mignons, des jouets originaux, des livres magnifiques et de nombreuses petites merveilles faites au Québec.

En entrant dans la boutique, c’est l’ambiance, l’immensité et la chaleur qui nous tape à l’oeil en premier. Puisque l’objectif de la propriétaire est d’offrir des produits exclusifs branchés, de marques renommées, choisies avec le plus grand soin, en pensant toujours aux besoins des parents et des enfants d’aujourd’hui, on retrouve vraiment de tout, et ce pour tous les gouts.

Le mur de livre, couvert de briques antiques et de ses belles tablettes moderne est vraiment mon coup de coeur dans la boutique. Il m’a totalement inspiré  pour le création d’un mur de livre pour la chambre de mon fils ( en mini format bien sûr ) en plus de vouloir tout acheter les livres qui s’y trouvent. Les couvertures sont belles et amusantes, les histoires sont rigolos pour les enfants.

Allez visiter cette boutique, je vous le garantie que vous allez avoir un coup de coeur autant que moi. Ca vaut vraiment le détour même si vous venez de loin comme moi. C’est carrément une expérience cette visite. L’endroit est tellement vaste que ca va vous prendre minimum 1 heure faire le tour ( pssst: nous sommes restés 2 1/2 heures ), et on veut tout regarder et découvrir autant les coups de coeurs de la proprio que toutes les nouvelles marques que nous ne connaissons pas. J’ai déjà hâte d’y retourner. Sans oublier que le coin, dans le vieux St-Jean est vraiment superbe à voir, même juste pour une balade ou un café.

IMG_7331 2

Nos items coups de coeur à la boutique:

Les livres de ce mur sont tout simplement superbes

Ce tableau de tâches et de défi pour motiver les petits à accomplir leurs responsabilités

Les assiettes, ustensiles et verres de la compagnie Sugarbooger

Pour toutes ses raisons Le Petit Cocon est l’endroit parfait pour trouver LE cadeau original, se gâter ou tout simplement passer un bon moment.

Faites-moi savoir si vous allé visiter cette belle boutique!

Stephanie xx

Axel’s toddler room inspirations


Axel turned 2 in October and I started thinking slowly to turn his nursery into a big boy’s room… well at least into a toddlers room. The reason also behind this is  because he was trying to climb more and more often out of his crib…it just didn’t make any sense that we would leave him in his crib, afraid he would fall again out of it… because he felt once during the night. ( I think I cried more then he did )

As you probably noticed in my last posts and stories, we started by changing his crib for a transitional bed. I opted for a minimalist, simple and unique bed from Gautier Studio, the Tagada playhouse, that we use with his crib’s mattress and that we’ll be able to use as a playhouse when he transitions into the twin size bed.

find it here: https://www.gautierstudio.com/collections/jouer/products/maison-de-jeu

So with the bed being the first and main inspiration, I opted to select a theme that would gravitate around a minimalist, fun, boho room, with neutral tones with a little pop of colors ( maybe, not sure yet ) and please tell me what you think. I love suggestions.

So here are some of my inspirations, what I want to include and create and let’s see what I come up with in a few weeks from now… because hey… it’s still a work-in-project, and with our crazy busy life we have… it’s not always a priority. 

Neutral colors ( white, beige, black, greys ) fabrics and materials


Fun and bold black accents


Pop of colours ( cactus green, warm browns, burnt orange )


Baskets for storage


Reading area


Cozy, peaceful and inviting


Can’t wait to complete his new toddlers room and share it with you. I have started to collect some pieces that I know that I want to include in his room, browse the web for inspiration ( Pinterest, Instagram and Project Nursery ) as well as some pieces that I know I want to modify/paint ( some DIY projects ). I have an idea of what I want the room to look like but not sure yet how exactly it’s going to turn out. 

My main recommandation that I would share is to get many pictures that really inspire you, think as a starting point from a colour, theme, style or objects you like, and right down all your ideas, so by having it all in your head and on paper ( or iPhone/tablet ) you can start buying some stuff.

If you have any great websites for inspirations, feel free to leave them in the comments, I love to read what are your suggestions.

Stephanie xx

My 2018 new years resolutions

IMG_3503 3It’s hard to believe that we welcomed 2018 already 2 days ago. I always take some time in the last few days of December to review my year and take a little moment to evaluate what worked, what I’m the most proud, which resolution I sticked to, the ones I didn’t  and also come up with some goals  and changes to adopt for the year ahead, both in my professional and personal life.

Since A New Year’s resolution is a tradition and that I’m a total LIST freak , here is my 2018 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS… but this year, to put chances on my side hoping that I will stick to those resolutions, I am taking these more lightly, not to put an additional stress on my shoulders and approaching them with children eyes… because everything seems always brighter  and magical when you’re young. Especially because I just want to TRY to apply these changes without lying to me…. I’m not making this list to be pretty or just to look good but it’s DEFINITELY what I am all wishing for. But I’m being honest to ME and to YOU, I KNOW for sure that I WONT achieve all of them, maybe some of them, maybe one of them, maybe none… But in my personal life just like in my professional life, I NEED to set myself GOALS and write them because otherwise, I get LOST…

I’ll be doing it ALL with KIDS EYES, so taking one step at a time and having FUN all year while applying these daily!

1. Take Time to Relax. I never take REAL TIME to relax. I always end up cleaning, blogging, working, but never stop to read a book or just take a bath or even get a massage. My last one was… humm, I don’t even remember.

2. Play more with the kids. I love being with them, and always find out myself to do something at the same time they play ( cook while they draw at the kitchen counter, vacuum while they play… ). So I want to spend more time ON THE FLOOR with them and play MORE.

3. Workout. Schedule My Workouts… well start working out because I just don’t. and I so do NEED this. I’m sure it’s going to give the BOOST that I need and that I’ll feel less tired, more energetics and be more positive daily…

4. Eat More Veggies, especially greens and no more red  meat ( Because in fact, I don’t REALLY like red meat and I’m more and more conscious about the environment. )

5. Drink more water. Well, just drink MORE water.

6. No More Procrastinating… Because I have the tendency to push back lots of things… and just hate myself when I do so. This is ONE point that I REALLY want to work on.

7. Clear Out The Clutter:  my home, my wallet and bags, my car, my closets, my countertops, my home office, my kitchen, the kids rooms… and the list goes on. I feel so much more organized and less stressed when everything is in its place.

8. Have more dates with my husband. Because my couple is just SO IMPORTANT, because I love him and juts because we are the ROCK to our little family of 5 and happy parents makes happy kids.

9. Buy less, but well chosen. Because, well chosen and greater quality items, accessories, clothes last longer and also looks nicer too. Since I also want to declutter, buying less will help not recreating that clutter all over again!

I also encourage you to write them down which is the best way to hold ourselves accountable… and I will be pinning them on my mood board. You can also just write them in a note book or in your agenda, frame them, pin them, do a collage with inspiring photos and place them in a spot where you will revisit them on a daily basis, because having that constant visual reminder helps to stick to goals throughout the year, or even create a Pinterest board with them. Because at the end, it is FOR US that we want to make those changes, not for anybody else.

Some cute quotes and fun facts that made me laugh!

What are your new years resolutions? Do you take any?

Happy New Year everyone and wishing you all the best for 2018!

Stephanie xx



Discovering The Grand at Moon Palace, Riviera Maya, Mexico with Air Transat

IMG_0741 2The Grand at Moon Palace

Extra sunshine in November never hurts right? Especially before the crazy, busy holiday period, it’s definitely appreciated and welcome. As a mom of 3 boys, well 4 since I’m counting my husband, sunny gateways and warm vacations are much appreciated, in order to get that reboot that we all need, at different period of the year.

As you’ve seen in my post and numerous stories in November, we had the chance to travel to the luxurious Grand at Moon Palace, in Riviera Maya, Mexico a few weeks ago. We didn’t go on only a vacation or trip, we lived an TOTAL EXPERIENCE. I’ve shared with you previously the reasons why we love to travel with Air Transat and why it’s been our carrier of choice for years now.

So our Mexican experience started when we arrived at this breathtaking and luxurious hotel, that just opened past March 2017, which is definitely on my top list for traveling with our little family and here is why I totally recommend it and why we would go back any time:

  • Food: definitely on my priorities when I travel, I love when we can enjoy quality food, eating in beautiful restaurants where you have an amazing service, great wine selection and endless menus to choose from. This one has it all. From their 16 restaurants, 10 bars, food trucks and kids section buffet, the food was beyond amazing. Our favorite restaurants were the Vino and tapas, a very welcoming lounge were you can enjoy great tapas, good wine and chat with the little ones. We also really loved the Jade asian restaurants, where all the fish plates were more amazing to the other, all with such taste and fineness presentations. The kids really liked the special ramen and Udon soups on the menu. I love the fact that they want to try either the local food or just enjoy the selection of the menu. If your kids are more picky, there’s always the kids menu or the buffet, where they will enjoy their own section.
  • Beach: definitely on my top priorities too, the beach has white, powdery and silky, soft sand,   which had facilities such has different areas where you definitely want to relax in the cozy sectionals, have a little afternoon nap on their comfy padded long chairs , watch the kids build sandcastle on beach beds or just enjoy the view under a palapa or umbrella, all located on their beach! The service at the beach was totally amazing too, and really fast!
  • Resort: We all loved the layout of this resort, it’s so huge and  gorgeous, surrounded by gardens, luxurious and also connected to the 2 other sections, Nizuk and Sunrise, where you can visit and enjoy some more kids activities, restaurants…The design is gorgeous and the cleanliness of every spot is much appreciated… and it smells great everywhere you go!
  • Pools: We had the chance to enjoy all of the 7 pools of the resorts from the kids pool, the vibrant and playful one, to the olympic and Peruvian one, our favorite was the half-moon one. The kids really enjoyed the swim up bar, where they could go and order themselves a “smoothie no-alcohol for favor”. The service at the pool is totally amazing, as soon as you think sitting down, there’s already a friendly staff member to get your cocktail order.
  • Rooms: We had a family suite for this trip at The Grand at Moon Palace and I totally recommend it since you have a much more spacious room, and plenty of space for the whole family, with a closed bedroom, 2 bathrooms, which leaves one for the parents and the kids, or the girls and the boys!! We even enjoyed aroma therapy in the room, where you can choose many fragrances from by calling room service or even enjoy it on your pillow! The beds were soooo comfy and the kids woke up after us every single morning. Total BONUS right?
  • Kids Club: Since we have 3 boys aged in different age ranges, we were totally amazed with what this resort had to offer in terms of kids activities, entertainment, installations, parks and amusement of any kind. Our 3 boys are really 3 water kids. They love it as soon as an activity involves water. So we spent a lot of time playing in the numerous pools, at the waterpark where they enjoyed slides, the lazy river, the wave pool, and even the wave surf simulator. It was amazing. They had such a blast. My 2 oldest boys also really enjoyed the arcades games located in a special room, with the coolest and trendiest games you can find.
  • Staff: The staff in every. single.area of this resort is SO friendly and patient. As soon as we would stop in a restaurant or by the pool, the kids would do high fives to everyone which they really liked. It was fun to see that the language barrier was not for this week. The boys even started an amazing collection of sculpted balloons, braided animals with palm leaves and domestic mouses made out of napkins, all done and created by this lovely staff.
  • Kids and food: If food is a worry you have when traveling with your little ones, this resort has it all for the little ones. We’ve been traveling with the kids since they are babies and always want them to taste and eat local food, so they can explore more of what the world has to offer. We’re lucky that our kids like to try new selections from the different places or restaurants we visit. The kids really loved the special ramen and Udon soups on the menu, that was prepared for them less spicy, that was filled with veggies, shrimps and chicken at the Jade restaurant. They totally loved it, and reordered it a few times! They also really like the Italian restaurant where they had a feast with the different pastas and pizza selection. We had this fun tradition after every diner to stop at the cafe where they would prepare the kids a thin pancake garnished with Nutella or Dulce de leche. They also loved the great macaron selection. If your kids are more picky, there’s always the kids menu in every restaurants or the buffet, where they will enjoy their own section.

Highlights of our trip

  • Jade Asian and Vino & tapas  restaurant
  • Cleanliness of the rooms and resort
  • Waterpark area and kids club
  • The family suite with the jacuzzis
  • Lounge section on the beach
  • Friendly and smiley staff
  • Option plus and kids club advantages at the airport and during the flight

Air Transat has such a great selection of hotels in the Caribbeans, that you will definitely find yours that will answer your family tastes. But let me tell you that The Grand at Moon Palace is definitely a resort that I totally recommend to every family, with all kids ages, or even as a couple, if you travel “sans kids”.

Coming back in Montreal 2 weeks ago, with the first snow storm of the season, let me tell you that we are already shopping our winter trip. Where should we go? With or without the kids?

Can’t wait to share with you our next Transat adventure!

Stephanie xx

DIY melted snowmen cookies

IMG_3020 3


Holidays and kids vacations also means extra time with them, cuddles, hot cocoa, family time and games and of course, cooking with the little ones.

We did those FUN DIY Melted snowmen cookies and the kids really enjoyed doing them so I thought I would share them with you.


1 box of La Petite Bretonne Oatmeal or Choco-Quinoa cookies.

1 pack of large marshmallows

Orange gumdrop candies, cut into small carrot-shaped triangles ( for nose )

1 pack of red string licorice ( for scarf )

1 pack of miniature reeses ( for top of hat )

1 pack of miniature Oreo cookies ( for bottom of hat )

2 tubes of icing ( black and white )

chocolate sprinkles

mini chocolate chips


  1. On La Petite Bretonne cookie, use decorating tip to draw a “snow puddle” with white cookie icing. While the icing is still wet, immediately place a marshmallow to one side of the cookie.
  2. Arms. Once the icing and marshmallow has set, using a decorating tip or toothpick draw 2 branches onto each cookie using black frosting. Add fingers with chocolate sprinkles.
  3. Face. Using a small dot of white icing, stick 2 chocolate chip eyes and an orange gumdrop nose onto the marshmallow. Draw a small dot for the mouth with black icing.
  4. Scarf and buttons. Pipe icing along the base of the marshmallow and wrap one piece of licorice around the neck for scarf.
  5. Hat. Remove cream from mini Oreo cookies, and attach miniature peanut butter cup to one halt of the Oreo cookie with icing to stick.

Allow cookies to dry about 1 hour before serving.

Enjoy and happy holidays! XX

IMG_3020 3

RECETTE de BISCUIT de Bonhomme de neige fondu

Le temps de fêtes et les vacances de Noel des enfants signifient également du temps supplémentaire avec eux, des câlins, du chocolat chaud, du temps en famille, des jeux et bien sûr, la cuisine avec les petits.

Nous avons fait ces biscuits bonhommes de neige fondu et les enfants ont vraiment aimé les faire ainsi j’ai pensé que je les partagerais avec vous.


1 boîte de biscuits à l’avoine ou de choco-quinoa La Petite Bretonne.

1 paquet de grosses guimauves

jujubes orange, coupés en petits triangles en forme de carotte (pour le nez)

1 paquet de réglisse rouge (pour l’écharpe)

1 paquet de reeses miniatures (pour le haut du chapeau)

1 paquet de biscuits Oreo miniatures (pour le bas du chapeau)

2 tubes de glaçage (noir et blanc)

mini pépites de chocolat


1. Sur le biscuit La Petite Bretonne, utilisez un cure-dent pour dessiner une «flaque de neige» avec le glaçage blanc. Lorsque le glaçage est encore humide, placer immédiatement une guimauve sur le biscuit.

2. Les bras. Une fois que le glaçage et la guimauve ont figé ensemble, utiliser un cure-dent pour dessiner deux branches sur chaque biscuit en utilisant le glaçage noir. Ajouter les doigts avec des “sprinkles” de chocolat.

3. Visage. En utilisant un petit point de glaçage blanc, coller 2 yeux de pépites de chocolat et un nez de jujube orange sur la guimauve. Dessinez un petit point pour la bouche avec un glaçage noir.

4. Écharpe et boutons. Étendre du glaçage le long de la base de la guimauve et envelopper un morceau de réglisse autour du cou pour l’écharpe.

5. Chapeau. Retirer la crème des mini-biscuits Oreo et fixer le mini moule de Reese à l’un des côtés du biscuit Oreo avec le glaçage.

Laisser les biscuits sécher environ 1 heure avant de servir.

J’espère que vous allez aimer!