Axel’s first fall look

IMG_7273.jpgBecause I love a LOT ( probably you can tell ) baby and kids fashion and that I get asked a lot ABOUT Axel’s styles and where I buy his clothes, I will try to document most of the looks I create with cute and fun brands…. and will link them all as well.

So yesterday was the first day where we had the chance to dress up with more layers because it was only 9 degrees outside when we left the house for daycare.


I love comfy, fun, quality clothes for my little ones that are usually basics or neutral colors and love to add either pop of colors like rust, burgundy, mustard or blue and complete with accessories like beanies, scarves, booties…

Fun and bold accessories can completely change the look and you feel like having a huge wardrobe for the little one without having to either splurge on spend on lots of pieces, just with some accessories. I prefer to spend more on quality and really soft and comfy basic pieces and add those accessories, that are usually less expensive.

Joggers from Miles baby

Tee from Miles baby


Cardigan from Curious Kenneth

Beanie from Beau Hudson

Booties from Zara ( yes from the girls section )

Scarf from Little deer handmade

Have a lovely fall everyone,

Stephanie xx



Energy bites with @Oatbox granolas

fullsizeoutput_3e06.jpegEnergy bites and smoothie bowls are definitly trendy at the moment and I totally love that trend. It’s so good and yummy, and healthy if you carefully select good, natural ingredients.

I love to integrate the Oatbox granolas in them since it adds a fun crunchy taste and since they have so many flavors, the energy bites always has a different flavor, depending on the one I choose to make them with.


Use my code CHIC.MOM.IN.THE.CITY to get a 25$ value of FREE items with this OATBOX LINK :

We love to use these granolas in our cereals, yogurt, smoothie bowls, just like that as a snack, in our energy bites…

Here is one of my favorite recipe that I love to do, since it’s easy and that my boys approved as well. It makes good snacks and are perfect on the go as well in the morning with a coffee or almond milk.

  • 1 cup (dry) oatmeal
  • ⅔ cup toasted coconut flakes
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • ½ cup ground flaxseed
  • ½ cup pumpkin seeds
  • ½ cup chia seeds
  •  ⅔ cup Oatbox granolas
  • ⅓ cup honey
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  • Add everything to a bowl and mix to combine all ingredients together. Leave the bowl in the fridge and let it chill for about half an hour. A must if you want your balls to stick together when rolled.
  • After the chilling time, take a tablespoon of the mixture in your hand and roll into a ball. You can add a little more honey or peanut butter if you see that the balls don’t stick together.
  • Can be stored in the fridge for about 2 weeks but I prefer to keep them in an airtight container in the freezer.

Hope you love it when you try it. Let me know what is your favorite Oatbox granolas flavor…


Also, if you have any yummy energy bites recipes, please leave them in the comments or any cool websites with great recipes… I would love to try more.

Stephanie xx

Miles baby fall/winter collections

IMG_6004We recently had the chance the visit Miles baby brand’s head office located in Montreal and had lot of fun discovering the new fall/winter 2018 collection. Miles baby is a new baby play wear brand inspired by the neighbourhoods that line the Main in Montreal. They offer playful vibes and comfy styles with an illustrative aesthetic and a hint of nostalgia. Since I already had pieces for Axel from their last fall and summer collection last year, I know how well made, soft and fun their pieces are. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite pieces and outfits for Axel.


Here are the reasons why we really like Miles baby:

  • the fabrics they use is always really soft
  • Axel looks comfy in them
  •  they style and design is stylish yet minimal and fun
  • it’s affordable
  • the clothes and colours stay really nice wash after wash

As a reference, the sizes are true to kids age and might even fight a bit bigger. Axel is almost 3, wears size 3 in joggers and size 4 for a looser fit on top but fits really well in size 3 tops too.

They will launch 4 collections this year. So here is the first collection called Back to (ART) School, with fun prints, green shades, grey, black and white pieces. You will love it. You will find for your little man joggers, tops, as well as fun accessories such as hats and scarves and they also have adorable pyjamas. And they of course have a girl’s line, which is always the same prints as the little boys but on leggings, dresses, skirts and cute girly tops.

Back to ( ART ) school

So as soon as they launch a new collection, I’ll keep you posted and show you more of their cute pieces.

Stay tuned.

Have a lovely day!


New eyebrows ( yes please )


Microblading is definetly the treatment of the hour.

I’ve always had pretty bushy and full brows, but as I’ve gotten older, the tail end and beginning of my arches have definitely thinned out, which is normal I red. Since I have NO talent ( Read NO TALENT AT ALL ) with makeup, I tried and struggled every single morning shaping some kind of an eyebrow and it always looked aweful . I had the chance to have my eyebrows done recently by Jessica Holloway, a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist and owner of Studio Holloway let me tell you, all busy girls, mom boss, stay at home moms, professionals etc… you NEED this.

The microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattoo that involves using tiny needles  that make up a small blade to help deposit pigment under your skin.


First, Jessica took care of GETTING TO KNOW ME; get to know my likes and dislikes ( did I like thick or thin, arched or more subtle?), personal style, lifestyle, analyzed my natural brow shape and color, morphology etc. ALL very important elements that play into the creation of the perfect eyebrow enhancement.

Then, she maped out the shape, measure it out based on my facial symmetry, and finally draw the eyebrow on. After a look in the mirror and being happy about the result the tattooing commenced.


If you ask anyone that knows me well, they will tell you that I hate and that even more, that I am terribly afraid of needles. So just thinking about the idea of having my eyebrows microbladed or tattooed, I was freaking out. Like litteraly. But, I was SO SURPRISED on how it didn’t hurt. And when you ask me about the results, I am even more happy.



It looks NATURAL and defined

You are WORTH IT

It saves time in the morning

t’s the low maintenance eyebrow treatment

So if you ask me if I recommend the microblading, I totally do since I LOVE the results, it looks natural and definitely is a time saving for me in the morning or on date nights with the hubby. Some people close to me even said that I look less tired. I’ll take it.

When you contact Jessica for your appointment and informations about all her treatments she offers, tell her you know me and she will offer you a discount.

Tag me if you post some of your results, I’d like to know what you think about it.


Fall collection at Urban Barn


I recently had the chance to have a sneak peak from the beautiful fall collection at Urban Barn. If you are a lover of rich color, warm shades and vibrant accents like gold, emerald green and pinks, you will be pleased. Meeting one of the owners of Urban Barn, Sébastien Fauteux was really interesting, where he told me about all of his sources of inspirations.


So I thought I would share my favorites pieces from their fall 2018 collection.

What I love best about interior design is definitely NOT following a style but CREATING your OWN one. Just like in fashion. But I love to integrate some actual pieces into my decor, which I think makes more unique decors. So have fun getting inspired and creating your own. If you are on a lower budget ( like me ) play with accessories, integrate you actual own pieces or vintage and thrift finds, it’s fun and inexpensive, and you’ll feel like having instantly a new home.


Urban Barn have 55 stores now across Canada and you can also shop online and have it shipped to stores or at home.

Happy shopping




Une visite à la Maison Lavande


C’est jeudi dernier que nous avons eu la chance de visiter pour une 2e fois, ce si bel endroit, les champs de lavande de la Maison Lavande, située à St-Eustache.

La Maison Lavande est un incontournable à 30 minutes de Montréal avec plus de 100 000 plants de lavande, Parfumerie et Boutique Gourmande. Je vous le dis, c’est un coup de coeur assuré.

Que vous ayez le goût de vous y rendre pour y faire un picnic avec les enfants, une soirée entre fille (et pssst, les jeudi il y a un band ), un session de photo de famille, pour aller jeter un oeil et dénicher des produits super ou bien seulement pour aller vous détendre dans les chaises berçante sous les arbres, vous allez adorer. Le prix est hyper raisonnable et en plus, je trouve qua ca fait une belle sortie différente et apaisante.

Je vous partage mes coups de coeur ainsi que plusieurs photos de nos visites de ces 2 dernières années.


LA LAVANDE & ses vertus

Nous connaissons la lavande pour ses vertus relaxantes, sa couleur éclatante et son parfum sublime, mais au-delà de son caractère serein se cache un arbuste vivace aux propriétés antiseptiques, anti-bactériennes, calmantes cicatrisantes, insectifuge et décoratives.


– Combat l’anxiété, la nervosité et l’insomnie
– Diminue l’intensité des maux de tête et des migraines
– Aide à lutter contre les rhumes, les infections de la gorge
– Dégage les voies respiratoires
– Soulage les brûlures, les piqûres et les démangeaisons
– Favorise la cicatrisation

– Empêche les bactéries d’entrer dans les plaies et les coupures
– Guérit efficacement les boutons d’acné et les ampoules aux pieds
– Facilite la digestion
– Favorise la circulation sanguine
– Sert de répulsif contre les poux, les mites et les souris
– Désodorise



Tout est beau, tout sent bon. Mes coups de coeurs sont certainement les huiles essentiels, les crèmes et exfoliants ainsi que les diffuseurs.



Le bol santé et les sandwichs étaient vraiment bon,  un must si vous n’avez pas votre lunch. Sinon la limonade à la lavande était rafraichissante et si vous avez encore faim, vous pourrez essayer soit le yogourt glacé à la lavande ou le café glacé.

IMG_3717 2Voilà!

Bonne visite!


Stephanie xx

Our visit to Parc Safari – Hemingford

IMG_2122 2

Je vous écrit mes péripéties parceque #LaVraieVie

06h00: Oui, même un week-end, j’ai réglé mon réveil pour surprendre les enfants avec un court voyage à Hemingford, Parc Safari. Alors je me suis levé un peu plus tôt pour terminer le pique-nique, mettre les trucs dans le  le SUV, me préparer, apprécier un café CHAUD (oui lire ici #momvictory) et ensuite réveiller les garçons.

Tout a commencé avec une grosse crise de colère avec mon plus jeune (Oh oui …) et puis j’ai commencé à regretter de les avoir réveillé si tôt et de ne pas avoir attendu qu’ils se réveillent tous seuls puisqu’ils se réveillent déjà si tôt en semaine. Après les avoir soudoyés avec des collations amusantes à apporter et l’iPad pour la route afin qu’ils puissent regarder un film ou jouer à des jeux, Liam a soudainement commencé à être plus gentil et soudain, Axel  aussi. ( bizarre haha )

À ce moment-là, Loic mon adolescent s’est même ré-endormi. Quelle matinée, quelle bonne idée de maman j’avais eu de cette journée, de me lever très tôt… haha.

La raison pour laquelle je les ai réveillés si tôt est que nous avons  la chance d’assister au petit déjeuner des lions mais c’était à 8h30 précis et nous avions environ 1h30 de route à faire.

Donc nous sommes finalement partis, avons ramassé l’un des amis de Loic puisque mon mari était sur le quart de week-end ce jour-là, et puis nous avons finalement pris la route.

Tout s’est très bien passé, tous les garçons s’entendaient très bien jusqu’à …  ce qu’Axel a commence à vomir PARTOUT dans son siège auto, sur lui, sur le iPad, sur le plancher de la voiture … YEP. Et deux fois !!!

Je vais vous épargner les détails mais ensuite, avec le début de matinée que j’avais eu, c’était trop et je voulais juste rentrer à la maison, aussi bien que je ne savais pas comment Axel se sentirait plus tard et je ne voulais pas qu’il soit malade durant la journée pauvre petit coco. Alors je me suis arrêté au bord de la route, j’ai tout nettoyé, changé Axel, jeté des trucs dans une poubelle parce que je ne supportais plus l’odeur … et repris la route pour me diriger vers le Parc Safari.

Je suis contente de l’avoir fait car Axel se sentait si bien après, et oh que nous avons passé une journée incroyable, avec des activités tellement amusantes et ces animaux étaient tout simplement LES MEILLEURS, la RÉCOMPENSE du JOUR!

Nos coups de coeur de cette journée: Les lions, les girafes, les phaons, les chameaux et les petits suricates.

Il y a un air de jeu pour les plus petits, le site est vraiment éducatif, et il y a plusieurs aires de jeux d’eau et piscine mais nous n’y sommes pas allés car il faisait trop froid cette journée là.

Allez-y cet été, je vous le dit, c’est un coup de coeur assuré.



6:00am: Yes, even on a weekend I pt my alarm clock to surprise the kids with a fun short road trip to Hemingford, Parc Safari. So I got up a little bit earlier to finish up the picnic, pack the SUV, get ready myself, enjoy a WARM coffee ( yes I did: read #momvictory ) and then wake up the boys.

It started with a HUGE tantrum with my 2 youngest ( Oh yes… ) and then I started immediatly regretting waking them up so early and not waiting for them to wake up by themself since they already wake up so early on week days. After bribering them with some fun snacks to bring and the iPad for the road so they could watch a movie or play games, Liam started to be nicer and suddenly, Axel stopped as well.

By that time, Loic my teen fell back to sleep. What a morning, what a great mom idea I had haha.

The reason why I woke them so early is we had the chance to attend to the Lions breakfast but that was at 8h30 sharp and we had about 1h30 of drive to do.

So we finally left, picked up one of Loic’s friend since my hubby was on weekend shift that day, and then really took the road.

Everything went really well, all the boys got along until…. Axel started throwing up EVERYWHERE in his car seat, on him, iPad, car floor… YEP. And TWICE!!!

I will save you the details but then, with the morning start I had, that was TOO MUCH and just wanted to come back home, as well as I didn’t know how Axel would feel later. So I stopped by the side of the road, cleaned up everything as much as I could, changed Axel, thrown stuff in a garbage because I just couldn’t support the odor… and took the road again and heading to Parc Safari.

So glad I did because Axel felt so good after, and oh we had an amazing day, with just so fun activities and those animals were just THE BEST, the REWARD of the DAY!


Our favorites of this day: the lions, giraffes, bambis, camels and small meerkats.

There is a play area for the little ones, the site is really educational, and there are several playgrounds and swimming pool but we didn’t go because it was too cold that day.

Go there this summer, I tell you, you will LOVE your day and experience!

Stephanie xx


Weekend gateway at the Blue Mountain resort


We had the chance to travel up north of Toronto last weekend to the beautiful Blue Mountain resort, where we lodged at the Westin Trillium house. Loving fun and amusing weekends with our boys, we packed the truck, some luggages and snacks and hit the road for a 4 days, 3 nights weekend gateway. But let me tell you that we would have stayed there more days, we really loved it. It totally worth the drive, it took us  a little over 7 hours and every little member of our family loved it.

At our arrival, we had the pleasure of discovering our beautiful 2 bedroom family suite, with a full kitchen, living room, dining room, 2 bathroom, beautiful large balcony with a stunning vie on the village, pool and Georgian bay. We were surprised by a fun and cute teepee and a bowling game for the kids and a nice yummy attention on the table, waiting for us. We unpacked quickly our luggage and headed out to explore the beautiful village and attractions available on site.


We then started our activities for our stay such as hiking, riding on the open-air gondola, miniputt at the Cascade putting course, enjoying the woodlot low ropes and the Timber high ropes, ride on the ridge runner mountain coaster, heated swimming pool, splash at the Plunge water park and even tour Blue Mountain’s mill pound by boat.


Here are the restaurants we went to and totally recommend:


Sunset Grill.

This little friendly and welcoming breakfast restaurant was fun and perfect if you want to have a quick, yet good breakfast. The kids enjoyed pancakes and fruits, while the boys had a generous omelette and I had a egg white only omelette ( counting the carbs you know haha )!

Oliver & Bonacini Café grill.

This was the Westin restaurant located by the lobby, with it’s beautiful and contemporary decor. The smoothies are a must try and the fruit salad. The omelets were great as well as the oatmeal bowl. You can also have lunch and diner at this plate, as well as a cocktail at happy hour before heading our to diner. We have a fun time.



Grand Central lodge.

We had lunch there, which is located just at the bottom of the ski slopes ( yes that resort is located at the bottom of the ski mountain ). The kids had cheeseburgers and we had a build your own salad, perfect if you ask me if you want to eat healthy but quickly.


Firehall pizza co.

We had the sweet potato fries, bruschetta as appetizers. Then, we ordered the yummiest pizza and they were so good. The sizes are really generous so it’s perfect to share a few of them with some salad to make it more healthy… but hey, it’s perfect for a cheat day.



That was totally a culinary experience. We had as appetizers, the seared scallops, beet variation plate and as for main dishes, the boys took sauce rosé penne, my teen and hubby took the and I had the filet mignon and I had a fish dish that was just sooo yummy and fluffy.

IMG_1938 2



We brought lots of snacks with us ( cheese, crackers, fruits ) but of course, they NEEDED some more snacks, like a yummy marshmallow brochette at the Rocky mountain factory, an ice-cream cone at Hatley and a frozen yogurt cup at Menchies. They really enjoyed it all.

Here are the highlights of our activities and the ones that the boys liked the most. The resorts really has plenty of activities for really all ages and tastes. My boys loves anything outdoors and that involves running, climbing, jumping etc so they were really pleased with all of these activities selections.


That was at the Timber high ropes with my teen Loic. That was definitely my favorite activity of the weekend.


We had an amazing ride on the open-air gondola.



We hiked the mountain all together.


We had a fun family mini putt.


We had rides on the ridge runner mountain coaster.


The boys enjoyed the woodlot low ropes course.


Hope it will give you the taste of visiting that resort this summer, let me tell you again, it was worth all the hours of drive from Montreal and we are looking forward to going back for sure.


Let me know if you go and what were your favorite activities and highlights.


A yummy asian experience

IMG_8565 3.jpgI you are from United States or Canada, you probably heard about or visited a PF Chang restaurant. If you’re not from North America, you definitely need to put this place on you must try. Being raised part of my childhood at my grandparents house in West Palm beach, Florida, I had the chance to discover those yummy PF Changs restaurants back then, but that was a long time ago. The only meal I could remember was the lettuce rolls, my favorites.

Recently, I was lucky again to enjoy a lunch and on another occasion a diner just the week after and got to taste a few yummy dishes from their menu.

Here are the ones that we tried and my absolute favorites*:


IMG_8532 2

  • Lettuce wrap* ( I prefer the vegan option but the chicken version is amazing too )
  • Crispy green beans
  • Edamane
  • Ahi tartare with avocados*


  • shrimps steamed dumplings ( the peanut sauce is a MUST )
  • Lobster avocado roll*


IMG_8570 4

  • Walnut shrimps with melon ( one of their most popular plate )
  • Coconut curry vegetables*
  • Loe Mein with rice noodles


IMG_8576 5

  • Banana spring roll (with their EXCLUSIVE coconut-pineapple ice cream* made especially for the chain)


  • It’s a trendy, beautiful and welcoming restaurant
  • It’s  really family/kid friendly
  • the restaurant has a nice bar area, to enjoy a cocktail “sans kids”
  • The menu has so many choices for everyone’s taste
  • They have a lot of vegan options
  • they also offer takeout for nights that I don’t feel like cooking


Did you know that P.F. Chang’s concept was founded on making food from scratch every day in every restaurant. Since 1993, P.F. Chang’s chefs have been hand-rolling dim sum, hand chopping and slicing all vegetables and meats, scratch cooking every sauce and wok-cooking each dish, every day in every restaurant.  Today, P.F. Chang’s has 210+ U.S. restaurants, including airport locations, plus 66 international locations in more than 19 countries across the globe. Which one have you visited?


So I’ve teamed up with them in order to give one lucky winner a 50$ gift card. All you have to do is:

  1. follow me on Instagram
  2. follow PF Changs account on Instagram
  3. Tell us in the comments below your Instagram handle and where you are from
  4. Contest ends sunday night, May 6th at 11:59pm

Good luck everyone

Stephanie xx

sleep regression… for 6 months now

IMG_9005 5.jpgI recently posted in my stories and IG page that we were living a sleep regression with Axel, approaching 2 1/2 years.

I can’t remember if this all started when we changed him from his crib to his toddler’s bed ( I don’t think so ) but I remember it all started shortly after. The reason why we changed his bed from crib to toddler bed was because it was more a matter of the crib no longer being a safe place for him because he was constantly climbing it.

First, he started waking up at around 1-2 am but since a few weeks, he wakes up 1-2 hours AFTER falling asleep ( we put our youngest kids to bed at 7:30-7:40 )… and then , wont’t sleep and worst, doesn’t want to go back to his room and bed.

IMG_9119 2.JPG

I tried putting back him in there but it’s worst, he cries a lot, and then if I stay by his side longer to make sure he falls asleep deeply, well, he doesn’t because as soon as I ( or daddy ) moves a bit, he pulls his head up and then starts being worry that we will leave his room without him.

I know ( not sure because I didn’t experience this with my 2 oldest ) that we should stick to putting him back to bed, but I just don’t…. and am actually missing hours of sleep…like a lot. Also, when he was sleeping in his transition bed, he also ended up sleeping on the floor, just beside his toddler bed,  but at least he was ending up on his fluffy carpet by his bed.

As I am a person who loves to make lists and that I’m  always trying to find solutions for our problems, I made some researches and would like to share with you what I found and also, what worked for us. I will also be sharing what other moms shared with me after posting about this subject… and let me tell you mamas, we ARE NOT alone. Maybe it’s some nighttime separation anxiety. Maybe it’s sleep regression. Maybe it’s just a phase… but we, ( parents ) need sleep.

IMG_9116 2

So I really hope it HELPS US ALL and if you have any more comments, tricks, tips or experiences that you would like to share, please feel free to comment below.

Day 1: After a good 6 months now in his toddler bed, I thought that getting a  Dockatot * would be a great idea and would help us getting our FULL nights of sleep back. We placed the dockatot in Axel’s transition bed ( not in his crib, please read the * note below for safety tips ) and we explained him that his new mattress will help him sleep better and make good dreams…. just so he feels confident when he would go to bed that night. He tried it, just faked sleeping in it and it was a nice moment, all smooth and even asked for his little dolls to be by his side when he sleep trained at that moment. So we let him decorate his new space and choose whatever he wanted.

Also, I truly think that he missed being surrounded by the border of his crib, bringing him some kind of security … since he was always sleeping in one of a corner of the crib, head against the crib sides. So, by bringing him back a smallest space to sleep, and recreating a nurturing and cozy surrounding where he would feel calmer being in a smaller environment. The DockATot®creates a soft and tender surrounding for little ones to lie in and feel snug and comforted.

IMG_9001 2

Some points I tried verifying that we did right:

Schedule: Is the time that we put our son to bed maybe to early? Did you know that our toddler needs at least 5 hours of wake time between the end of the afternoon nap and bedtime. He wakes up from his nap at around 14;30 so the math is good.

Strong bedtime routine: and by bedtime routine, I mean a REAL routine. Since we have 2 older ones that goes to school, bedtime needs to be really respected as we will pay the price the day after with the morning routine this time. So, repeating the same exact routine daily is crucial, and I can notice that we respected that strong routine.

IMG_8992 2

Night 1: Axel went to bed at 7:40, with some lullabies and fell asleep ( with me on his side ) really quickly and woke up at 6:15 and arrived in my bed ( my alarm is at 6:20 ) so that was a great first good night.

Night 2: Axel went to be at 7:45, again with some quiet music and fell asleep with me again, pretty fast. He woke up that night at around 5:00 and of course came into our bed really quickly.

Night 3- 7: Axel went to bed with almsot the same routine as every other nights, with me laying by his side, with some quiet and calming music. He fells asleep really easily, and wakes up at around 5:15-5:30 every morning and comes in our bed at that time, and woke up once at around 3:00, but I was able to put him back to sleep in his bed.

Night 8+: It’s been over then a full week now that he is sleeping much better now, in his new cosy and cuddly environment. He still wakes uo at around 5:00-5;15 but at least stays in his bed all night… Hope it atys like that.

  • Note :The [DockATot / Sleepyhead] is neither a bassinet, crib nor cradle and was not designed to be used as so. The Grand * the one we have,  is a cozy spot for toddlers to rest and is ideal for safely easing the crib to bed transition.


  1. avoid making the switch during other major transitions ( like a new baby arrival, potty training, a move,
  2. conquer one major milestone at a time
  3. the best time to make the transition is when your child asks for it
  4. Try to place the new bed in the same place as the crib ( and make more changes months later )
  5. let your child choose his favorite confort items ( blanket, doll, plush animal…)
  6. a soft nightlight can help decrease their fears

IMG_9126 2.JPG

So, the resume, our concern was really trying to have him sleep all night in his bed, so what worked for us was:

  • Bed time routine, for us it’s 7:45
  • we place the new toddler bed at the same place his crib was. Axel’s toddler bed is a Gautier studio
  • quiet bedtime baby music, our favorite is this one on youtube
  • staying by his side while he falls asleep
  • bottle or warm milk ( yes, he still wants a warm bottle of milk at night… PS: don’t judge me please)
  • Axel’s favorite doll
  • getting a new DockaTot lounger

So please tell me we are not alone, and mostly, if you experienced this in the past, I would love to read what worked for you as well…

Stephanie xx