The diaper bag’s checklist


Have you ever left the house and felt that you are bringing with you the entire nursery? Well, this is ALWAYS happening to me, even after 3 babies.
 I always want to make sure that I have everything, calculate how many diapers I need for that X hours I’ll be out, changes incase a disaster happens, some little toys, wipes, ….. But what do we really need? I love being prepared as a parent so here is my DIAPER BAG LIST. Yep. I love doing lists!! It’s all about being prepared to meet baby’s need right?
Here is with my experience what I find the most practical as for when I leave the house for a short period of time.
sac a couche
  • DIAPERS : 1/hour that you plan to be away + a few extras (don’t forget the + 1 rule (Add 1 more then you think ou will need)
  • WIPES : lots of companies offer a portable or travel-size version pack or just put them in a resealable plastic bag. They will be useful for diaper changes but also for little sticky fingers or any other mess.
  • BIO BAGS : I always have a few with me so you can put soiled diapers but are also useful for any dirty/soiled clothes and baby blankets)
  • CHANGING PAD : Lots of diaper bags come with a foldaway pad or you can get one seperatly. There are disposable versions of them or ones that are made of material and that are washable. I always have 2 with me, the padded one + 1 extra made of fabric and washable.
Axel Templeton pacie clip
  • EXTRA BABY CLOTHES : I always tend to bring with me at least 2 changes but that’s where it gets tricky. You get 2 changes and then if it’s summer, you get 1 lighter change and a little beanie if it gets colder at night, a little vest, little socks and moccs etc…I feel like I always need an extra luggage just for changes haha)
  • BABY BLANKET : I prefer the organic muslin swaddles) since they are lighter, really soft and take less space in the diaper bag. It can also be used as a burp clothe, swaddle, blankie, car seat cover and even nursing cover.
Modern burlap
  • NURSING COVER : I Always have 1 with me. I have a few at home since I prefer to get one as a car seat cover and the other one that I keep clean as my nursing cover, but it can be used for both if you want to save space in the diaper bag.
  • PACIFIER + CLIP : I usually leave the house and the pacifier is already clipped to my baby’s clothes or car seat strap, and always have at least 1 extra just in case.
  • DIAPER RASH CREAM : I always have an extra in my diaper bag so like this I get sure that I have one if I need to leave the house really fast and forget to take the one from home. The other option you have is a sample version that you can keep in the bag, so it takes less space.
  • BABY SLING/BABY WRAP : I always have one with me, wherever I go. I usually bring the stroller with me but always find practical to have a baby sling with me. If your little one his more fussy then carrying your baby will be a better option or if you visit a more crowed place, then stroller might not be the preferred choice.
  • BABY BOTTLE + MILK : Either in formula or expressed milk, you might need a bottle if you are not breastfeeding baby at the moment of when you need to feed the little one. I breastfeed so I normally never get a bottle with me (except when traveling away). I would recommend to bring single-portion packets formula with water bottle or if already mixed, put them in a little cooler.
  • BABY CUP : I always gave my little ones water as they sometimes get thirsty and it is practical to have a sip cup handy with pre-boiled water.
  • BIBDANAS/BIBS: I always have 1-2 extras so I make sure that the bibdana gets the extra droll but not the clothes, so I can save time on changing baby.
  • TEETHING TOYS/RATTLES: I always leave the house with 1-2 teething rings, toys and/or teething necklace and pacie clip. You will be glad to have these when baby gets bored or has a teething meltdown.
  • VACCINATION BOOKLET + EMERGENCY CONTACTS: I always keep them in the diaper bag. You never know in case of an emergency how that could save. I put my personal identification on a separate card as well as doctors infos and emergency contacts (Grand parents, hubby’s work contacts…)

Sac a couche Tory Burch

Hope it helps. I’ll post shortly details on our favorite products/items brands that we use the most and put in our diaper bag.

xx ,  Stephanie

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