Nespresso On Ice sweet bar

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When it comes to hosting a party or just having friends at home for diner, I always like to think outside the box and either create a quick, yummy and new recipe, get a new table wear and accessories or just make it a different and fun experience! ( we even sometimes have themed parties and diners or even we all cook together earlier and then taste what we’ve created ).

Last week, we invited some of our friends at home for a pool BBQ, with yummy burgers, grilled veggies, good wine and yes, that’s totally common you’d say…. but for dessert, we just wanted to make it more fun and planned a Nespresso on Ice sweet bar.

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We hosted a few times with candy bars, poutine bar, tacos bar etc… but never done a Nespresso on Ice one. Also, since the temperature is just still perfect to host outside… well here was our chance!

So here is what we had for our Nespresso On Ice sweet bar and of course, the combinations and ideas can be endless…

  • – Nespresso On Ice capsules
  • – Ice cubes
  • – mugs and glasses
  • – spoons
  • – paper straws
  • –  cocktail napkins
  • –  chocolate chips
  • –  marshmallows
  • –  chocolate sticks ( or it can be chocolate spoons )
  • –  creamy alcohol of choice
  • –  maple sirop
  • –  honey
  • –  Icecream
  • –  mini donuts
  • –  cookies, macarons
  • –  whipped cream
  • –  mint leaves
  • – candies ( smarties, sprinkles, etc )

So of course some of them are to decorate and garnish the mug or glass but some of them are definitely to sweeten this cold and yummy drink.

We had fun looking and tasting everybody’s creation!

And for the ones that don’t have time to create a Nespresso On Ice sweet bar, here is a quick idea when you have guests and still want to make a coffee based dessert:

It’s called Affogato

Take a vanilla ice cream scoop in a small cappuccino mug and then poor a Nespresso On Ice on it. Voilà ! And your guest will love it.

Here are some links to help you re create this Nespresso On Ice sweet bar for your next get together or diner with friends… and more inspiration.


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