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Being a full time working mother of 3 boys, in all different age ranges, sometimes solo parenting since hubby is a fireman on shifts, part time blogging when I still have energy and that my eyes cooperate to stay open, trying to keep the house in a decent kinda neat situation, means that I often look tired ( well not only look but obviously are ), I’m often   ( read always ) looking for better and healthier ways of living, not only for me but for our little family, and since MOMMY TIME almost doesn’t exist, when I can try a DIY AT HOME skin care challenge, you’ll find me here, I’M IN!

Because we are all looking for that great skin care that will make us look beautiful and glowing and in a short time, of course,  I started this 10 days cure because this tired mommy here is definitely in the hunt for a better looking skin, a firmer texture and rested skin.

The Lifactiv cure mission in 10 days?

– Makes the skin rested and firmer

– Brighten the complexion and make it more uniform

– Improve firmness and radiance of the skin

When to do this cure?

3 to 4 times a year, but also before a special occasion, in anticipation of a unique moment of life, every change of seasons or when your skin needs a beautiful glow!


So here are some good times of when to use it:

Important Events

Season changes

Lack of sleep

Frequent travel

Polluted urban environment

Unbalanced Feeding

With this change of season, I want to adopt healthier habits in order to put all the positive effects on my side, and of course to get a great result. Vichy takes care of my skin but I also want to add to my routine some exercise (it will be with the kids for me), drink plenty of water and cook easy, fast but healthy meals.

Are you in on this 10 days cure with me?

Here is a link of all my Vichy Liftactive products I’m using for this cure:


Étant mère  de 3 garçons, travaillant à plein temps , parfois maman en solo puisque mon chéri est pompier sur les quarts de travail, blogueuse à temps partiel quand j’ai encore de l’énergie et que mes yeux coopèrent pour rester ouvert, tout en essayant de garder la maison dans un état bien décente, signifie que j’ai souvent l’air fatigué (pas seulement l’air mais je le suis vraiment aussi ), je suis souvent (lire toujours) à la recherche d’un mode de vie meilleur et plus sain, non seulement pour moi, mais pour notre petite famille, et puisque  du MOMMY TIME est presque inexistant, quand je peux essayer un défi de soin de peau et surtout à faire à la maison, et bien, je suis partante!

Parce que nous recherchons tous ces soins de la peau qui nous feront ressentir belle et lumineuse et, en peu de temps, bien sûr. Donc, j’ai commencé ce traitement de 10 jours parce que cette maman fatiguée ici est définitivement à la recherche d’une peau plus belle, d’une texture plus ferme et décontractée.

La mission de la cure Liftactive en 10 jours ?

– Rendre la peau reposée et plus ferme
– Éclaircir le teint et le rendre plus uniforme
– Améliorer la fermeté et l’éclat de la peau

 La majorité des femmes ont un rythme de vie effréné, et leur peau en subit les contrecoups :

Quand l’utiliser?

3 à 4 fois par année, mais aussi avant une occasion spéciale, en prévision d’un moment de vie unique, à chaque changement de saisons ou lorsque votre peau a besoin d’un coup d’éclat !

Donc voici des moments propices quand l’utiliser:

Évènements importants

Changements de saison

Manque de sommeil

Voyages fréquents

Milieu citadin pollué

Alimentation déséquilibrée

Avec ce changement de saison, j’ai bien le gout d’adopter de saines habitudes ( de meilleures du moins) afin de mettre toutes les effets positifs de mon côté. Vichy s’occupe de ma peau mais je veux aussi ajouter à ma routine de l’exercice ( ca sera avec les enfants pour moi ), boire beaucoup d’eau et concocter des repas faciles, rapides mais sains.

Embarquez vous dans ce 10 jours de cure avec moi?

Voici le lien des produits Liftactive de Vichy ainsi que la cure de 10 jours:


Taking pictures with kids.

How many pictures does it takes to have  ( Hashtage ONE ) good one?! Well, I stopped counting…..but here’s a proof that it takes a lot!
1. Place the kids to the correct spot.
2. Place the balloons.
3. Place the gold numbers.
4. Ask the kids to smile.
5. Ask hubby if he sees everything and everyone one in the frame.
6. Replace the gold number 2.
7. Replace white balloons.
8. Ask husband if he still sees everyone because his not looking in the correct direction and the kids moved.
9. Run after Axel.
10. Replace Axel to the correct spot.
11. Replace gold number 2.
12. Run again after Axel.
13. Ask hubby to take lots of pics, it’s the good time now.
14. Take a look at what hubby took.
15. Erase pics that hubby took wrong.
16. Tell hubby that we don’t see the gold numbers entirely.
17. Replace the kids.
19. Replace all the balloons.
20. Ask hubby to take more pics.

How many times do we have to take over and over THAT RIGHT PICTURE that we “need” or want. I usually like candid pictures or in action ones but that day I wanted a picture with both of them looking at the lense for their little souvenir books, where I write about all kind of souvenirs.

I get often messages about my kids being so calm, and cute, and nice in front of the camera and asking me “how I do it”.

Well…. here is the proof that it takes SEVERAL shots in order to get a good one…. I I did not out them all over here. I might had another 167 in my camera.

We had so much fun doing this little homemade photoshoot, the kids laughed a lot, us too and it turned into a game with them running around and hiding behind the balloons.

Yes it takes time and patience but the most important of all to my opinion, is to take this not seriously at all, have fun with them and this is what making memories is all about, right?

We took these pictures with our new Fujifilm XP-120 camera and are totally in love with the quality of it. It is kids friendly too, really resistant, and perfect to our busy family lifestyle so I am not afraid of it getting broken if they try playing the photograph at their turn!

Here is the link if you want to get more info of this super kids friendly camera:

Do you do photoshoots at home with the kids and make it a fun activity? How does it goes?

Thanks for reading,





In our busy life, we’re always trying to find ways of having more time, healthier meals without compromising on taste. Since in the morning it’s always the rush in our house getting the kids ready for school and kindergarten, I like when my breakfast is ready and my coffee warm in the next  5 minutes or so  when I wake up because otherwise, I would skip it and have breakfast at my first pause, meaning around 9h, which is way to late.

I recently had the chance to discover the new Barista limited edition from Nespresso and I totally need to admit that this one is my favorite, by far. If you’re like me and usually prefer mild Nespresso, you will love both Barista Chiaro and Barista Scuro.

The reason why I love so much the Barista Chiaro, is because it creates a sweet and creamy cappuccino with a biscuit note, which is like, a dessert in itself. You now understand why I drink so much Nespresso… Try it and you’ll get addictive just like I am.

As for the Barista Scuro, when you poor it with warm milk, it reveals rich aromas of bitter chocolate. I also enjoyed trying the Barista Corto with milk to, which I really enjoyed because of it’s rich crema. If you prefer stronger Nespresso, then you should definitely try it black.

And because I really like the taste of Nespresso, I tried some recipes with that new Barista taste.

Preparing some overnight oatmeal jars helps me a lot to get ready in the morning so I can concentrate more on the kids and their breakfasts/lunches preparations.

I thought I would share with you my favorite energy bites and oatmeal jars with you, and would love to hear about your favorite recipes as well.

So if you’re looking for a little pick me up in the morning and looking for extra energy like me, try these perfect grab and go breakfasts.

Overnight protein Oatmeal jars


•½ cup raw old fashioned oats

•1 table spoon of each almond, coconut flakes and dry diced figues

•¼ cup unsweetened vanilla almond, cashew or soy milk

•2 tablespoons vanilla protein powder

•1 tablespoon chia seeds

•dash of maple syrup or honey to taste


1.In a large mason jar, combine all ingredients, attach lid tightly and shake well.

2.Place in refrigerator overnight, or at least 8 hours.

3.In the morning, open and enjoy!


When our morning coffee and breakfast all rolled into one – plus: chocolate!

Mocha Overnight Oatmeal



•1 cup rolled oats

•1 cup almond, cashew or soy milk

•½ cup of Nespresso BARISTA Corto

•1 Tablespoon cocoa powder

•2 Tablespoons honey or maple syrup

•2 Tablespoons mini chocolate chips


1.Brew Nespresso BARISTA Corto and allow to cool.

2.In large mason jar, combine all ingredients, attach lid and shake  well.

3.Place in refrigerator overnight, or at least 8 hours.

4.In the morning, open and enjoy!

Nespresso Energy bites


•1 cup dry whole grain oatmeal

•1/2 cup ground flaxseed

•1.5 tblsp fresh ground Nespresso BARISTA Chiaro ( I opened it with a small knife )

•1/2 cup creamy almond butter *

•1/4 cup of honey

•1 tsp vanilla

•1/4 cup chocolate chips

•1/4 cup dried cranberries


1.Stir your oatmeal, flaxseed, and Nespresso BARISTA Chiaro granules together

2.Add your almond butter, honey, and vanilla.

3.Add the chocolate chips and cranberries and stir well!

4.Let chill in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

5.Once chilled, roll into balls making about 10-12 balls.

6.Store in an airtight container and keep in the fridge for max 1 week


I tried these recipes with the new BARISTA Nespresso  and let me tell you, it tastes heaven. I of course need when I wake up 2-3 of these Nespresso a day, beside my breakfast and no I don’t eat those overnight oatmeals or bites daily. I still like a variety in my week… do you? So I usually take just 1 or 2 Nespresso in the morning if I take a coffee based breakfast… otherwise I will have the shakes all day haha!

I’ve linked here the limited BARISTA Limited Edition capsules of Nespresso, that you definitely want to give a try:

Hope you like those, and really looking forward for your favorite recipes!


Stephanie xx

VENTE D’entrepôt – boutiques Clément

Comme j’aime bien partager avec vous mes super trouvailles, coup de coeur et endroits favoris, je voulais vous faire part de cette super vente d’entrepôt des boutiques Clément! J’habille mes garçons là bas avec des marques de toutes sortes depuis tout près de 13 ans maintenant.

Ils ont vraiment une belle sélection de nouveau-né à 16 ans et que dire du fait de trouver de tout en un seul endroit!

Voici les détails:

La vente d’entrepôt commence demain à 9:00 à la succursale de St-Bruno et de Beauport. (

Il va y avoir une très grande sélection de vêtement d’été bébé, enfant et adolescent (fille et garçon). De plus, tous est à 70% ou moins chers.

Il va y avoir la plupart des marques comme 2X2, Blü, Chat Botté, Dex, Desigual, Petit Lem, Vans, Volcom, Billabong, Oneill, Blanc de Blanc, Tom Tailor, Hatley, Nanö, Silver Jean, Guess, DC Shoes, Jessica Simpson, Kids Headquaters, Kanz, Lief!, etc


for my english mamas and readers, if you need a translation let me know, I’ll send you the English version!!

Laissez moi savoir si vous y allez et surtout ce que vous y avez déniché!!


7F0581FF-9240-44D9-9D45-7860F41260C4Stéphanie xx

Visiting Ogunquit, Maine.

FullSizeRender 70

We had the chance to visit Ogunquit, Maine 2 weeks ago and I need to say that we really enjoyed our mini vacations, in this ocean side small city. It’s a very welcoming little village, with basically a main street, family friendly and easy to walk from end to end. From Marginal Way, to famous seafood restaurants, Perkins cove, unique ice cream shops and to beaches, we really enjoyed everything. It is truly a family destination.

Here is what we have visited, in a quick 3 days, what I’ve liked and what I recommand.


The Ogunquit Beach is a long peninsula of sandy beach surrounded by grassy dunes. Our favorite activities on those dunes and beaches were to build sandcastles, fly kites, chase seagulls, play in the waves with boogie boards and  just watch the tides roll in, which really impressed the kids. We really spent lots of time outdoors the whole trip, enjoyed nature and family time.


Marginal Way is a paved 1.5 mile oceanside cliffwalk lined with benches that runs along the Atlantic Ocean. The path has some restaurants and gift shops along it, as well as places to walk down to the water. We found quiet, isolated little beaches between the cliffs and it was just amazing and beautiful, and were able to enjoy a yummy picnic with the kids.

Liam explored the marginal way running and jumping which stressed me out a lot since the cliffs can be really high… but the views were totally amazing and the boys really enjoyed throwing rocks in the ocean.


The one we tried and really liked, and obviwoly recommend:

Black sushi house ( sushi ) : 259 Main St, Ogunquit, ME

Amore breakfast ( omelette ) : 309 Shore Rd., Ogunquit, ME

Cornerstore ( Pizza ) 228 Main St., Ogunquit, ME

Backyard Coffee house : 178 Main St Ogunquit, ME

ROCOCO ICECREAM : 259 Main St, Ogunquit, ME

Sweet Pea’s Ice cream : 37 Shore Rd, Ogunquit, ME

Love Shack Juicery ( smoothies, acas bowls ) : 68 SHORE ROAD, OGUNQUIT, ME

Ogunquit Lobster pound : 504 Main St Ogunquit, ME

Bandito’s Mexican Grill ( Tacos ) : 68 Shore Rd, Ogunquit, ME

and a cute little kids toy shop….

Animal Instincts: 232 Main st. Ogunquit, ME



Achorage by the Sea

This resort is located in the heart of Ogunquit on Shore road where you can walk from to any attraction, beaches or restaurants in no time.

It has pools, hot tubs, saunas… and the view was just perfect on the ocean.

We brought the kids their little scooters and it was fun to see them roll in the village, but to be honest, depending of the time of the year you might visit Ogunquit, sometimes the side walks are so busy with people walking and visiting that it was not such a great idea.

I definitly recommand walking and if you bring a stroller, don’t bring an umbrella stroller like I did, bring the bigger version if you have, it will be much more easier to walk in the streets and especially on the beach.

It was overall an amazing quick trip, beautiful, relaxful and totally baby and kids friendly village.

Travel safe if you do.

Stephanie xx