Taking pictures with kids.

How many pictures does it takes to have  ( Hashtage ONE ) good one?! Well, I stopped counting…..but here’s a proof that it takes a lot!
1. Place the kids to the correct spot.
2. Place the balloons.
3. Place the gold numbers.
4. Ask the kids to smile.
5. Ask hubby if he sees everything and everyone one in the frame.
6. Replace the gold number 2.
7. Replace white balloons.
8. Ask husband if he still sees everyone because his not looking in the correct direction and the kids moved.
9. Run after Axel.
10. Replace Axel to the correct spot.
11. Replace gold number 2.
12. Run again after Axel.
13. Ask hubby to take lots of pics, it’s the good time now.
14. Take a look at what hubby took.
15. Erase pics that hubby took wrong.
16. Tell hubby that we don’t see the gold numbers entirely.
17. Replace the kids.
19. Replace all the balloons.
20. Ask hubby to take more pics.

How many times do we have to take over and over THAT RIGHT PICTURE that we “need” or want. I usually like candid pictures or in action ones but that day I wanted a picture with both of them looking at the lense for their little souvenir books, where I write about all kind of souvenirs.

I get often messages about my kids being so calm, and cute, and nice in front of the camera and asking me “how I do it”.

Well…. here is the proof that it takes SEVERAL shots in order to get a good one…. I I did not out them all over here. I might had another 167 in my camera.

We had so much fun doing this little homemade photoshoot, the kids laughed a lot, us too and it turned into a game with them running around and hiding behind the balloons.

Yes it takes time and patience but the most important of all to my opinion, is to take this not seriously at all, have fun with them and this is what making memories is all about, right?

We took these pictures with our new Fujifilm XP-120 camera and are totally in love with the quality of it. It is kids friendly too, really resistant, and perfect to our busy family lifestyle so I am not afraid of it getting broken if they try playing the photograph at their turn!

Here is the link if you want to get more info of this super kids friendly camera:


Do you do photoshoots at home with the kids and make it a fun activity? How does it goes?

Thanks for reading,



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