The 10 day Vichy Liftactiv vitamin C challenge

IMG_3598We all know, that by being a mom it often means that we don’t have that much time for us, read almost never. That also means sometimes skipping some necessary skin care routine, having a really quick lunch by the counter or at my desk, sleeping less then I should really do, not drinking all the water I should be and not doing the weekly exercise I really should ( cause running after the kids don’t count )… and let’s not talk about taking a relaxing bath because I just don’t remember the last time I had one. I know that I should be consistent with those basics but I find it hard sometimes just to keep up.

Vichy Canada recently challenged me to try their new 10 day Lifactiv Vitamin C cure, I of course said ”yes” and I need to admit that I was sceptical at first and was worried that I couldn’t keep up, or have time, or even think about it.

But I did!

The challenge, well the cure in fact was simple and easy to keep up with. I surprisingly didn’t skip a morning or night and kinda was looking forward to that ( yes a quick ) me-time in the morning or night. And you know also what else, I even made myself a fruity herbal tea after my shower, while taking care of my skin. It was totally MY ALONE TIME and I really enjoyed it.

Here are the highlights of the cure as well as what I liked best.

The liftactiv Vitamin C cure:

  1. Brightens: the skin regains its radiance with a more even complexion. I saw the difference from day 1 since I could notice a glow and a more ”soft pink” shade.
  2. Firms: the skin feels tightened, with an instant lifting effect. I felt that my skin definitely  looked more rested, so younger,
  3. Hydrates: the synergy between the fragmented hyaluronic acids from the Liftactiv Vitamin C and the Vichy Mineralizing thermal water allowed for a deep water penetration and retention into skin, for a great hydration effect. My skin didn’t break out at all and felt smooth and soft.

So my daily routine consisted of the following steps:


  • Apply Liftactiv Vitamin C on freshly cleansed skin
  • 1 dab of Mineral 89
  • 1 pump of Liftactiv Serum 10
  • A dab of Liftactiv UV moisturizer


  • 1 dab of Mineral 89
  • 1 dab of Liftactiv Retinol HA
  • 1 dab of Liftactiv Night moisturizer

I found this cure really easy to maintain, even with kids and a really busy schedule, and  felt my skin smoother and tighter after those 10 days, and definitely brighter and saw that glow after a few days.

You really need to try this cure. It is affordable and totally worth it. Just like all the other Vichy cares, it smells so good and you will probably appreciate it’s calming effect on the skin.

So get the cure, make yourself a warm herbal tea, lock the bathroom door and pamper yourself, because after all you are worth it!

Let me know what are your impressions after you 10 day Liftactiv Vitamin C Vichy cure cure.

Good night,

Stephanie xx

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