I had the chance to attend an exclusive event last week for the new Nespresso Holiday limited collection, in collaboration with renowned designers Craig & Karl who created a line of capsules and accessories that brings out everyone’s playful side, which totally works with all of the festive and bright aspects we are looking for with the holidays.

This years Nespresso Holiday collection was inspired by different types of candies. The new CONFETTO VARIATIONS collection includes 6 new capsules: Banana, Peppermint Candy Cane and Cherry for the VertuoLine, Snow Ball, Orangette and Black Liquorice for the OriginalLine.

So, I tasted, tested and enjoyed, you better believe I did it all! These 6 new flavours are more delicious than the next. I sincerely believe that this collection allows everyone to find their preference because the flavours are really different, pleasant in the mouth and not too sweet or too pronounced.

My favourite flavour is SnowBall for OriginalLine, which I like to make as a cappuccino with coconut milk. The SnowBall capsule tastes like coconut with a touch of vanilla, reminiscent of a baked delight. If you like coconut, you need to try this option, fair warning you’ll probably become addicted just like I am!

My second favourite capsule from this collection is Confetto Peppermint Candy Cane – I love this  as a cappuccino. The peppermint flavour comes to life with a distinctive candy-sweet note, characteristic of  a peppermint candy cane.

I was really impressed with the accessories of this new holiday collection because of the clean lines.  Nespresso always knows how to impress us but this time they nailed it with really bright, fun and bold colours. Being a monochrome lover myself, a lot of the accessories that you will find in my house follow this pattern. I fell in love with the VERTUO TRAVEL MUG CRAIG & KARL LIMITED EDITION and the TOUCH LUNGO CUPS CRAIG & KARL LIMITED EDITION. So if you’re on the go often, just like me, this travel mug will be your new best friend.

The new Nespresso Holiday limited collection makes the perfect gift for the holidays whether you need something for your loved ones your children’s teachers, hostess gifts or even gift exchanges at work. Every piece of this collection is just so festive, even the cups! Enjoy

Shop them here:

Limited edition Vertuo travel mug

Limited edition festive Lungo Touch cups

Limited edition Nespresso cups ( my favorite flavour SnowBall – coconut )


Craig Redman and Karl Maier, university friends turned creative collaborators, have built a partnership rooted in a shared affinity for bold graphics and Internet culture. Their simple, yet bold designs allowed them to collaborate with renowned brands like Colette, Sephora, LVMH, Nike, Apple, Kate Spade, British Vogue, The New York Times and now…Nespresso. Craig & Karl’s colorful and playful style perfectly fit the Variations Confetto universe. In this year’s Limited Editions, you are invited to revive childhood memories and enjoy its unforgettable tastes, inspired by candies.

I’m pretty sure that you will find some favourites in this new Nespresso Holiday collection, and please, let me know what flavour is your favourite!

Enjoy xx

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