Skin care protection… for everyone!

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Traveling is so fun, and when I’m getting ready for our beach vacations or anywhere around the globe, I always pay extra attentions to what I bring in my luggage, especially with my little family.

Since we spent our last week in Riviera Maya, Mexico, where the sun was really present  and strong all week, I wanted to share with you my favorite skin care protection and post sun care as well after getting lots of messages, dm’s and emails from you. I’m lucky enough to say that I have traveled a lot in my life and as well, with 3 boys, I had the chance to try, love and hate a lot of sunscreens and skin care products.

So here are the skin care products we used during our beach vacations:

For my body:

I really like the smell of this SPF60 lotion, perfect for the face too. What I really appreciated was that I applied it on my dry and wet skin and it gave me the same result, so no wait when you get out of the pool. One last point I really liked about it is that it’s an ultra-light and refreshing lotion was  formulated for an active lifestyle and outdoor activities, so perfect if you need to run after the kids.

For my face:

This stick was made for sensitive zones with SPF 60, is so easy to apply, and the small and compact size is easy to carry on. I like to apply it on all my face but you can limit the application on sensitives areas such as ears, lip contour, eyes and nose and mix it with the body and face lotion too. I also really liked the non greasy texture.–3337871320270.html?cgid=Sun-Stick-SunCare#start=1&cgid=Sun-Stick-SunCare

For my lips and kids lips:

I really like this soft, buttery lip protection. I like to use it as soon as we have an outdoor activity and it’s totally perfect for the whole family, even baby Axel.

For the kids ( face ):

This Mustela Sun Stick that I use provides a SPF 50+ protection for the face and body of babies and children. I prefer to use it for the face since it’s size is perfect to cover the kids face. It’s not greasy at all, but you need to spread it a little bit.

For baby:

I discovered this Shiseido’s Ultimate Sun Protection when Axel was just past 6 months and since then, it’s my favorite one for the kids since it’s formulated especially for sensitive skin and children’s skin. I really like that it’s, fragrance, alcohol and parabens free and has a texture gentle enough for my kids delicate skin. Another fact that I like about this product, it’s that it’s really powerful even after being exposed to water, perfect for our little boys.

After Sun for adult:

I really like the formula of the after sun body milk. It’s really light, non greasy, absorbs fast and helps to soothe skin after a day under the sun. I like the smell a lot.–3337871322724.html?cgid=Sun-AfterSun-Care#start=1&cgid=Sun-AfterSun-Care

After Sun for kids:

This baby and kids sunscreen from Mustela instantly hydrates, soothes and refreshes immediately the skin, the fragrance is really delicate, which i love for my little one’s sensible skin.


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