Festive coffees for the holidays

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The first snowflakes have fallen, the air is starting to become crisper, the days are shorter, the countdown to the holidays has already begun and the TO-DO list is still enormous with so many things yet to be checked in order to be ready for all of the Christmas and New Years parties and to also be ready to host our guests.
Year after year, I always tell myself that I will start to plan the holidays earlier, get my lists ready, buy my stuff in advance, decide on my menu, on everyone’s outfits, on the kids gifts, on the Christmas cards etc… and every year, I find myself starting in advance and then stressing out a week prior to the big parties because I’m still not ready, or missing lots of pieces to my puzzle, because I of course want to make sure that everything is magical in the eyes of everyone…
Here are some recipes that are on my LIST, and they include one of my favourite ingredients, coffee. If you’re feeling stressed out and running on empty in all the holiday chaos why not try it before you host?  So, here are some yummy caffeinated holiday drinks for the Holidays made with the Nespresso limited edition VARIATIONS Confetto collection!

Who said that candy canes are only for kids? Why not give your boring old coffee a peppermint kick!
All you’ll need is the Nespresso limited edition VARIATIONS Confetto Peppermint Cane, warm milk (I like to use whole milk), whipped cream and a candy cane to garnish.
•1 cup 2% warm milk
•1 capsule of brewed Nespresso (Peppermint cane)
•1/2 teaspoon of peppermint extract
•1 candy cane
You can get the caps here:
https://www.nespresso.com/ca/en/order/capsules/vertuo/vertuo-variations- confetto-
peppermint-cane- coffee-capsule

What are the holidays without eggnog? And so I tried to put a twist on my favourite festive drink and add coffee to it, of course. All you’ll need is milk, eggnog, Nespresso (I used the limited edition VARIATIONS Confetto coconut- snowball), and a pinch of nutmeg.
•1/3 cup 2% warm milk
•2/3 cup warm eggnog
•1 capsule of brewed Nespresso
•1 pinch ground nutmeg
You can get the caps here:
https://www.nespresso.com/ca/en/order/capsules/original/variations-confetto- snowball-
If you want to try the Nespresso limited edition VARIATIONS Confetto holiday collection, you will find that they all have their own unique sweetness to please the coffee amateur or connoisseur in you. Nespresso never stops impressing us with their limited edition collections.
What is your favourite holiday coffee recipe?
Wishing you all yummy food, delicious coffees and cocktails, lots of love and happy holidays!
Stephanie x

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