Reading socks. To me, from me.


Every year I like to get myself a new pair of reading socks, or two! I literally live in them during fall and winter time, and sometimes in summer when nights that the air gets more fresh!

I like to pair them with either jeans or preferably  leggings, a soft tee and of course, a comfy and warm cardigan, aka my mom outfit when I stay home or work from home!!

These reading socks also makes a perfect gift for any girls, moms or grandma… because you don’t need to be reading to wear them right?

I even bought my teen boy a pair ( he loves books, comfy socks and cocooning too ) but he wears them as soon as he gets home from school or sports and feels like he needs to warm up. It’s much more easier now to find cute models for men and I think they make a great gift for teachers and educators too… if you’re still looking on what to buy! They could be fun stockings too!

Here’s the link for mine:

Also, if you have great shops or boutiques that have great selection of reading socks, let me know in the comments, I need one more pair… or two! 😉

good night,


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