IMG_0533 2Selecting the best sunny destination, trying to find a competitive rate, looking for the best service pre boarding and onboard the flight, hoping for the best hotel and the most beautiful beaches and the most yummy restaurants and food, is definitely a challenge and sometimes worrying when it’s time to book a trip. Let me share with you, that when you choose to book with  Transat, you get a handful of advantages and it’s definitely stress free because they choose their partners at destination really carefully.

We had the chance to leave, last Novembre 27, with  Transat, to the beautiful Mayan Riviera destination, in Mexico, the 5 of us, so we could spend some quality family time, take advantage of the sun and get an extra dose of vitamin C and treat ourselves in this amazing and luxurious, all inclusive, The Gran at Moon Palace.

We’ve been traveling with  Transat for years now, because of it’s service, great quality hotel selections in various destinations around the globe, for it’s kids club, Option Plus, and so many other positive points that I’ll be sharing with you.

Let me first start that when traveling with  Transat, it’s just not a destination or trip, it’s a TOTAL EXPERIENCE, wether that you’re a toddler, kids, teen or parent, and I mean, it really is.


It all starts in front of your computer, when you register to the Option Plus ( for the parents ) with your destination, that you’ll start seeing all of those advantages of traveling with them. I totally recommend that you register your mini-globetrotters aged 2 to 11 to the KIDS CLUB, for them to become members and where you’ll benefit from a handful  of awesome advantages.

Kids Club

The goal when traveling with kids is definitely to make the trip easier, more fun and hassle free of course, for all family members, and us parents! So here are some great perks of registering your little ones to the kids club, at the airport and during the flight:

·  Dedicated family check-in counter

·  LIMO! Courtesy stroller in main Canadian airports

·  Priority boarding, for members and their families

·   On-board surprises to make air travel fun

·  Free seat for kids*

·  Priority baggage retrieval*

* these are only for Kids Club members

Link to the Air Transat Kids club:


Can I tell you that when we woke them up at 4h30, to catch our 9am flight on Novembre 27 and tell them that it was finally the time to leave to Mexico, they were beyond excited.

Option Plus and Flight

Since our Journey started at the airport very early that morning, Air Transat also thinks about us parents, so we registered to Option Plus, which gives us privileges in the Economy class, like complimentary seat selection, supplementary checked baggage allowance ( BONUS if you ask me, I can bring more shoes!! haha ), priority boarding and baggage handling, little extras on board like a soft blanket, a glass of wine ( BONUS if you ask me, I can start to relax earlier haha) etc…all from just 109$ on south flights to get all that comfort. The kids for themselves, enjoyed all the onboard perks all while watching movies of their choice, since they all had earphones ( included with the Kids club ) and their own television! Bonus if you ask me: no fight or arguing on the movie selection.

Transat has flight departures daily to the Riviera Maya, from November to April if your departure is from Montreal or Toronto, and has 2 flights a week from December to March if you leave from Ottawa and 3 flights a week if you leave from Quebec.

Here is the link so you can start living the dream, right in front of your computer, selecting your best experience you will have with Air Transat:

Here is the link of our hotel we stayed at : The Grand at Moon Palace


The Grand at Moon Palace Resort

·       From $2,369 per person (departure January 6, 2017)

Let me know what selection you make, I love to see where people go and most of all, their recommendations too.

Safe travel,

Stephanie x

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