Kids holiday gift guide

IMG_3028Every year in December, as a parent, it’s the same struggle and questioning about what to get for the kids for Christmas. Also, knowing that they already have a lot of toys, games, books, it comes to the point that I ask myself “do they really need that many toys?” What message does it give to them? What is reasonable?
This year, I asked the boys to clean out their toys and playroom and choice, each 3-5 toys/games that they don’t play with and we would give them to our local charity so they could gift kids in need. Also, it makes more room for the new toys that they will probably receive for family, friends, Santa and us.
I think also that buying quality toys, that might be more expensive but that will last longer, is more important then quantity. I also like to shop small when it’s possible, and local…. and some other ideas are sometimes from bigger companies, depending of the technological trend.
With my 3 boys, from teen, to kid, to toddler and baby, I wanted to share with you some ideas I have for gifts and also, what they really liked from the previous years, because sometimes buying the MOST POPULAR toy or game doesn’t mean that they will love it, and might want to play with the boys, which is a total fail for us parents, right?
Teen 10-13 years old
Cool socks
Go pro Tech
 iTunes gift card
Lego ( more pieces and diffiiculty level increased )
Long board or roller blades
Activity tickets ( and brings the person of his choice )
Pair of good quality, maybe a brand shades
IMG_2435 2
Kid 5-7 ans
Vtech watch
Worry eater – Monstre avale mauvais rêve
Maisonnette carton clement
lance pompoms ( des enfantillages )
Nintendo 2DS XL
IMG_3040 2.JPG

Toddler 2-3 ans

animal hoppers

Skip Hop kids at Clement
Hockey sticks ( des enfantillages – OOAK show )
Wooden trains
First scooter


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