Discovering The Grand at Moon Palace, Riviera Maya, Mexico with Air Transat

IMG_0741 2The Grand at Moon Palace

Extra sunshine in November never hurts right? Especially before the crazy, busy holiday period, it’s definitely appreciated and welcome. As a mom of 3 boys, well 4 since I’m counting my husband, sunny gateways and warm vacations are much appreciated, in order to get that reboot that we all need, at different period of the year.

As you’ve seen in my post and numerous stories in November, we had the chance to travel to the luxurious Grand at Moon Palace, in Riviera Maya, Mexico a few weeks ago. We didn’t go on only a vacation or trip, we lived an TOTAL EXPERIENCE. I’ve shared with you previously the reasons why we love to travel with Air Transat and why it’s been our carrier of choice for years now.

So our Mexican experience started when we arrived at this breathtaking and luxurious hotel, that just opened past March 2017, which is definitely on my top list for traveling with our little family and here is why I totally recommend it and why we would go back any time:

  • Food: definitely on my priorities when I travel, I love when we can enjoy quality food, eating in beautiful restaurants where you have an amazing service, great wine selection and endless menus to choose from. This one has it all. From their 16 restaurants, 10 bars, food trucks and kids section buffet, the food was beyond amazing. Our favorite restaurants were the Vino and tapas, a very welcoming lounge were you can enjoy great tapas, good wine and chat with the little ones. We also really loved the Jade asian restaurants, where all the fish plates were more amazing to the other, all with such taste and fineness presentations. The kids really liked the special ramen and Udon soups on the menu. I love the fact that they want to try either the local food or just enjoy the selection of the menu. If your kids are more picky, there’s always the kids menu or the buffet, where they will enjoy their own section.
  • Beach: definitely on my top priorities too, the beach has white, powdery and silky, soft sand,   which had facilities such has different areas where you definitely want to relax in the cozy sectionals, have a little afternoon nap on their comfy padded long chairs , watch the kids build sandcastle on beach beds or just enjoy the view under a palapa or umbrella, all located on their beach! The service at the beach was totally amazing too, and really fast!
  • Resort: We all loved the layout of this resort, it’s so huge and  gorgeous, surrounded by gardens, luxurious and also connected to the 2 other sections, Nizuk and Sunrise, where you can visit and enjoy some more kids activities, restaurants…The design is gorgeous and the cleanliness of every spot is much appreciated… and it smells great everywhere you go!
  • Pools: We had the chance to enjoy all of the 7 pools of the resorts from the kids pool, the vibrant and playful one, to the olympic and Peruvian one, our favorite was the half-moon one. The kids really enjoyed the swim up bar, where they could go and order themselves a “smoothie no-alcohol for favor”. The service at the pool is totally amazing, as soon as you think sitting down, there’s already a friendly staff member to get your cocktail order.
  • Rooms: We had a family suite for this trip at The Grand at Moon Palace and I totally recommend it since you have a much more spacious room, and plenty of space for the whole family, with a closed bedroom, 2 bathrooms, which leaves one for the parents and the kids, or the girls and the boys!! We even enjoyed aroma therapy in the room, where you can choose many fragrances from by calling room service or even enjoy it on your pillow! The beds were soooo comfy and the kids woke up after us every single morning. Total BONUS right?
  • Kids Club: Since we have 3 boys aged in different age ranges, we were totally amazed with what this resort had to offer in terms of kids activities, entertainment, installations, parks and amusement of any kind. Our 3 boys are really 3 water kids. They love it as soon as an activity involves water. So we spent a lot of time playing in the numerous pools, at the waterpark where they enjoyed slides, the lazy river, the wave pool, and even the wave surf simulator. It was amazing. They had such a blast. My 2 oldest boys also really enjoyed the arcades games located in a special room, with the coolest and trendiest games you can find.
  • Staff: The staff in every. single.area of this resort is SO friendly and patient. As soon as we would stop in a restaurant or by the pool, the kids would do high fives to everyone which they really liked. It was fun to see that the language barrier was not for this week. The boys even started an amazing collection of sculpted balloons, braided animals with palm leaves and domestic mouses made out of napkins, all done and created by this lovely staff.
  • Kids and food: If food is a worry you have when traveling with your little ones, this resort has it all for the little ones. We’ve been traveling with the kids since they are babies and always want them to taste and eat local food, so they can explore more of what the world has to offer. We’re lucky that our kids like to try new selections from the different places or restaurants we visit. The kids really loved the special ramen and Udon soups on the menu, that was prepared for them less spicy, that was filled with veggies, shrimps and chicken at the Jade restaurant. They totally loved it, and reordered it a few times! They also really like the Italian restaurant where they had a feast with the different pastas and pizza selection. We had this fun tradition after every diner to stop at the cafe where they would prepare the kids a thin pancake garnished with Nutella or Dulce de leche. They also loved the great macaron selection. If your kids are more picky, there’s always the kids menu in every restaurants or the buffet, where they will enjoy their own section.

Highlights of our trip

  • Jade Asian and Vino & tapas  restaurant
  • Cleanliness of the rooms and resort
  • Waterpark area and kids club
  • The family suite with the jacuzzis
  • Lounge section on the beach
  • Friendly and smiley staff
  • Option plus and kids club advantages at the airport and during the flight

Air Transat has such a great selection of hotels in the Caribbeans, that you will definitely find yours that will answer your family tastes. But let me tell you that The Grand at Moon Palace is definitely a resort that I totally recommend to every family, with all kids ages, or even as a couple, if you travel “sans kids”.

Coming back in Montreal 2 weeks ago, with the first snow storm of the season, let me tell you that we are already shopping our winter trip. Where should we go? With or without the kids?

Can’t wait to share with you our next Transat adventure!

Stephanie xx

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