My 2018 new years resolutions

IMG_3503 3It’s hard to believe that we welcomed 2018 already 2 days ago. I always take some time in the last few days of December to review my year and take a little moment to evaluate what worked, what I’m the most proud, which resolution I sticked to, the ones I didn’t  and also come up with some goals  and changes to adopt for the year ahead, both in my professional and personal life.

Since A New Year’s resolution is a tradition and that I’m a total LIST freak , here is my 2018 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS… but this year, to put chances on my side hoping that I will stick to those resolutions, I am taking these more lightly, not to put an additional stress on my shoulders and approaching them with children eyes… because everything seems always brighter  and magical when you’re young. Especially because I just want to TRY to apply these changes without lying to me…. I’m not making this list to be pretty or just to look good but it’s DEFINITELY what I am all wishing for. But I’m being honest to ME and to YOU, I KNOW for sure that I WONT achieve all of them, maybe some of them, maybe one of them, maybe none… But in my personal life just like in my professional life, I NEED to set myself GOALS and write them because otherwise, I get LOST…

I’ll be doing it ALL with KIDS EYES, so taking one step at a time and having FUN all year while applying these daily!

1. Take Time to Relax. I never take REAL TIME to relax. I always end up cleaning, blogging, working, but never stop to read a book or just take a bath or even get a massage. My last one was… humm, I don’t even remember.

2. Play more with the kids. I love being with them, and always find out myself to do something at the same time they play ( cook while they draw at the kitchen counter, vacuum while they play… ). So I want to spend more time ON THE FLOOR with them and play MORE.

3. Workout. Schedule My Workouts… well start working out because I just don’t. and I so do NEED this. I’m sure it’s going to give the BOOST that I need and that I’ll feel less tired, more energetics and be more positive daily…

4. Eat More Veggies, especially greens and no more red  meat ( Because in fact, I don’t REALLY like red meat and I’m more and more conscious about the environment. )

5. Drink more water. Well, just drink MORE water.

6. No More Procrastinating… Because I have the tendency to push back lots of things… and just hate myself when I do so. This is ONE point that I REALLY want to work on.

7. Clear Out The Clutter:  my home, my wallet and bags, my car, my closets, my countertops, my home office, my kitchen, the kids rooms… and the list goes on. I feel so much more organized and less stressed when everything is in its place.

8. Have more dates with my husband. Because my couple is just SO IMPORTANT, because I love him and juts because we are the ROCK to our little family of 5 and happy parents makes happy kids.

9. Buy less, but well chosen. Because, well chosen and greater quality items, accessories, clothes last longer and also looks nicer too. Since I also want to declutter, buying less will help not recreating that clutter all over again!

I also encourage you to write them down which is the best way to hold ourselves accountable… and I will be pinning them on my mood board. You can also just write them in a note book or in your agenda, frame them, pin them, do a collage with inspiring photos and place them in a spot where you will revisit them on a daily basis, because having that constant visual reminder helps to stick to goals throughout the year, or even create a Pinterest board with them. Because at the end, it is FOR US that we want to make those changes, not for anybody else.

Some cute quotes and fun facts that made me laugh!

What are your new years resolutions? Do you take any?

Happy New Year everyone and wishing you all the best for 2018!

Stephanie xx



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