Axel’s toddler room inspirations


Axel turned 2 in October and I started thinking slowly to turn his nursery into a big boy’s room… well at least into a toddlers room. The reason also behind this is  because he was trying to climb more and more often out of his crib…it just didn’t make any sense that we would leave him in his crib, afraid he would fall again out of it… because he felt once during the night. ( I think I cried more then he did )

As you probably noticed in my last posts and stories, we started by changing his crib for a transitional bed. I opted for a minimalist, simple and unique bed from Gautier Studio, the Tagada playhouse, that we use with his crib’s mattress and that we’ll be able to use as a playhouse when he transitions into the twin size bed.

find it here:

So with the bed being the first and main inspiration, I opted to select a theme that would gravitate around a minimalist, fun, boho room, with neutral tones with a little pop of colors ( maybe, not sure yet ) and please tell me what you think. I love suggestions.

So here are some of my inspirations, what I want to include and create and let’s see what I come up with in a few weeks from now… because hey… it’s still a work-in-project, and with our crazy busy life we have… it’s not always a priority. 

Neutral colors ( white, beige, black, greys ) fabrics and materials


Fun and bold black accents


Pop of colours ( cactus green, warm browns, burnt orange )


Baskets for storage


Reading area


Cozy, peaceful and inviting


Can’t wait to complete his new toddlers room and share it with you. I have started to collect some pieces that I know that I want to include in his room, browse the web for inspiration ( Pinterest, Instagram and Project Nursery ) as well as some pieces that I know I want to modify/paint ( some DIY projects ). I have an idea of what I want the room to look like but not sure yet how exactly it’s going to turn out. 

My main recommandation that I would share is to get many pictures that really inspire you, think as a starting point from a colour, theme, style or objects you like, and right down all your ideas, so by having it all in your head and on paper ( or iPhone/tablet ) you can start buying some stuff.

If you have any great websites for inspirations, feel free to leave them in the comments, I love to read what are your suggestions.

Stephanie xx

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