Easter Lindor Lindt eggs hunt & GIVEAWAY

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Just like every year, we do the traditional egg hunt with the kids and they love it. I don’t actually imagine myself stopping this tradition, that we use to do when we were  kids too.

This year, I wanted to start a new Easter tradition with my little ones to twist our traditional egg hunt a little bit but also, to make it last longer, more fun, have less fighting over the number of eggs they actually each got ( because hey that is a reality ) and where they would have to work a little more.

Let me talk to you about my new LINDT GOLD BUNNY and Lindor egg hunt hunt.

Since we have 3 boys in really different group ages, we thought it would be fun to do a little bit of math for my 2 oldest Liam and Loic,  and go with a 1 color only hunt for Axel, which are all things that they can easily manage at their respective age, where the LINDT GOLD BUNNY would be the teacher of course.

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So here is what we did:

1. We spray painted plastic eggs in 3 different colors for the boys, ( gold and black ) and a red for Axel’s eggs.

2. We placed inside of each eggs some LINDOR eggs and LINDT GOLD BUNNY.

3. We then numbered every eggs ( the black and gold ) with ”answers” from a math equations.

So Liam and Loic got each a sheet with math equations that they needed to resolve before starting the egg hunt, and then go and find the numbers that would match their answers.

What I liked about this kind of search, is that no matter how fast or young they are, there will be no fighting on the number of eggs they each found. They will have all the equal amount of eggs and goodie bag.

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It all starts when the LINDT GOLD BUNNYy “Teacher” gives them their respective sheet, with an Easter themed pencil and then they can start writing down their answers.

When they are done with the answers, they can start the hunt trying to find the matching numbers ( where of course, we did arrange it that no answer would be matching).

Can’t wait to have this LINDOR EGGS hunt on next weekend and have some more fun with this new challenge!

More Fun Things to Hide for Easter Egg Hunts

  • LINDOR Chocolate eggs obviously
  • Crayons and Easter printables
  • Cute stuffed animals eg rabbits
  • Bubbles
  • Easter themed Temporary Tattoos
  • Easter themed stickers

What is your annual Easter tradition with the kids?

What Easter tradition do you remember from your childhood?

Please visit this Lindt’s page to find all of our Easter favorites: http://www.lindt.ca/80/

Thanks for stopping by!

Stephanie xx

**** GIVEAWAY****

To enter a 100$ value Lindt Gold Bunny basket contest, please enter you IG handle in the comments below and on my Instagram Lindt post and tell me if you prefer, milk, white or dark chocolate. Good Luck everyone. Contest ends Sunday, April 1st, 2018.


8 thoughts on “Easter Lindor Lindt eggs hunt & GIVEAWAY

  1. Love your idea!! My 5yo fav chocolate is milk and me it’s dark 🙂 Have a great easter with your family! @lilyhuynh10


  2. I have a 2 y/o and this her first year doing a proper egg hunt. I love the ideas you posted above.

    Oh, and It’s white for me. @josdc


  3. I just love dark chocolate!
    Melt it with fruits its the best!! 🙌🏻
    @_melissawatson (IG)



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