Lip care


I was thinking that chapped lips was something that only happens in the winter, but the truth is, that our lips can get dry, sore, and scaly any time of year.

I posted recently a story asking you if you had any tips, favorite products and tricks about lip care for cracked lips, due to winter and cold temperature…and that was also a few days after I came back from my vacations in Dominican Republic so I totally think that my lips didn’t like the drastic temperature change.

I received many product suggestions, tried a few of them and wanted to share with you what you all shared with me after that post… some are natural, some are preventive and some of them are brands that you all recommended to me… and thanks again for all your comments, tips and suggestions. I just NEEDED to share with all of you!


IMG_9037 2


  • apply lip protection  before you put on lipstick or lip gloss
  • choose a lip balm with sun protection year-round
  • don’t lick your lips when outside
  • don’t exfoliate if they are already chapped

Hope you liked that and helps you because it REALLY did for me.

Thanks again to you all for all your suggestions and tips. Another reason why I LOVE social medias… to be able to SHARE!

happy sunday!

Stephanie xxx




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