Fall collection at Urban Barn


I recently had the chance to have a sneak peak from the beautiful fall collection at Urban Barn. If you are a lover of rich color, warm shades and vibrant accents like gold, emerald green and pinks, you will be pleased. Meeting one of the owners of Urban Barn, Sébastien Fauteux was really interesting, where he told me about all of his sources of inspirations.


So I thought I would share my favorites pieces from their fall 2018 collection.

What I love best about interior design is definitely NOT following a style but CREATING your OWN one. Just like in fashion. But I love to integrate some actual pieces into my decor, which I think makes more unique decors. So have fun getting inspired and creating your own. If you are on a lower budget ( like me ) play with accessories, integrate you actual own pieces or vintage and thrift finds, it’s fun and inexpensive, and you’ll feel like having instantly a new home.


Urban Barn have 55 stores now across Canada and you can also shop online and have it shipped to stores or at home.

Happy shopping




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