Axel’s first fall look

IMG_7273.jpgBecause I love a LOT ( probably you can tell ) baby and kids fashion and that I get asked a lot ABOUT Axel’s styles and where I buy his clothes, I will try to document most of the looks I create with cute and fun brands…. and will link them all as well.

So yesterday was the first day where we had the chance to dress up with more layers because it was only 9 degrees outside when we left the house for daycare.


I love comfy, fun, quality clothes for my little ones that are usually basics or neutral colors and love to add either pop of colors like rust, burgundy, mustard or blue and complete with accessories like beanies, scarves, booties…

Fun and bold accessories can completely change the look and you feel like having a huge wardrobe for the little one without having to either splurge on spend on lots of pieces, just with some accessories. I prefer to spend more on quality and really soft and comfy basic pieces and add those accessories, that are usually less expensive.

Joggers from Miles baby

Tee from Miles baby


Cardigan from Curious Kenneth

Beanie from Beau Hudson

Booties from Zara ( yes from the girls section )

Scarf from Little deer handmade

Have a lovely fall everyone,

Stephanie xx