Walking back from daycare and school


IMG_7910.JPGSo now that the  school season is officially on, as much as I am able to do it, when I either work from home or finish earlier at night, I always try to do my school and daycare pickup run on foot. The boys love it and so do I. Before leaving the house tho, I change for comfy sneakers and I make sure to grab a quick snack, which often consists of a Danone Creamy yogurt, with 25% less sugar than the previous recipe ( read happy mom ) and a fruit ( the boys love to dip their fruits in their yogurt ).


As a parent I always try my best to find the best products for my kids snacks and school lunches and I’m definitely really picky when it comes to reading nutritive labels.  Since we have a very busy life with both of us working full time, travelling a lot for work and sometimes being on night shifts, having quick and handy snacks but healthy ones, definitely helps us. We also always have fresh fruits at home like apples, berries, bananas and pears to take with the Danone Creamy yogurt so it keeps them satisfied and happy until dinner.

That’s why I wanted to share with you a snack that I recently discovered that fits perfectly for the needs of all my family: the Danone Creamy with a new reduced in sugar formula. With 25% less sugar than the previous recipe, it’s a perfect option for a nutritious snack for the whole family. Also, Danone Creamy is always made without preservative, artificial flavours and colours.

The boys loved the berry flavour when I need to admit that my favourite was the peach and the mango-vanilla.

What’s your favourite flavour?

Try them , you will loved them as much as we do.

Stephanie xx

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