DIY winter porch decoration


Because I love decoration and that you would find the exact same style inside of our house and out, I love to decorate a little bit more when it comes to fall season, with some pumpkins, squashes and chrysanthemums and the winter and christmas decoration. Because also it just adds a little more colour to our front entryway, since I always put simple tropical plants year after year, in our big plant pots. So I start with winter decor, then christmas and right after Christmas I changed out the Christmas decorations and added some winter decor.


So here is what I like to do for my 3rd year in a row and some more inspirations ( that lots of were found on Pinterest.

Winter decoration

I added white pine that I found on the street left for the green residues waste collection, birch branches that I bought at the hardware store 2 years ago ( yes you can keep them in a dry space summer time ),   large pinecones to two tall black urns ( that we reuse summer time with our tropical trees.



I used  tall black plant vases that are very light to carry and move and that I filled with styrofoam (or floral foam)that we had at home.


Then I started adding, oddly the  white pine branches. You can definitly add any kind of coniferous branches and I know that usually around mid november, we start seeing stores selling it.





So as you can tell, I am not completely done with my project but with the lack of time, of course, I will probably continue within 1-2 weeks by adding big natural pinecones maybe tiny white lights.

To be continued…

Winter decor inspiration

I love getting inspired with magazines, Instagram and Pinterest


You can find all my Pinterest Inspiration boards here

We really love our decorated entryway and  I hope you’ve enjoyed it too. What are you favorite style for decorating your porch or entryway for winter and Christmas?


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