A weekend gateway at Le Germain in Charlevoix



We recently had a great family weekend  at Le Germain Hotel & Spa, in the beautiful Charlevoix region. I’ve had the chance in the past, to stay at other Le Germain hotels in different cities during business trips and it is always nice to stay there. It was our time staying at le Germain de Charlevoix and we loved it.


Nestled between the river and the mountains, Le Germain Hotel & Spa Charlevoix, formerly the Hotel La Ferme, is the ideal base camp for a dream holiday for couples or families. Its country charm,  refined design and regional cuisine will make you live an authentic experience, just as we did during our 3 day getaway.


First and foremost, our rooms were really welcoming and comfortable and every member of the family had their own space. We had a very nice cozy family room with an elegant design and modern comfort with a breathtaking view of the river among of the area.


One of the most important parts about a weekend getaway is always the food.


The breakfasts at the Labours restaurant in Le Germain de Charlevoix are simply delicious and one of the best in all of Charlevoix! The buffet style brunch is really good for the whole family or if you are traveling as a couple. The boys particularly enjoyed the cereal and granola yogurt station where they were free to compose their own bowl. Hot chocolate is definitely worth trying. It is so rich and creamy! Too good!


Here are our family favorites of breakfast:

  • hot chocolate
  • cereal station of la fourmi bionic
  • the local cheese platter
  • omelette to our taste (egg white for me)
  • Migneron cheese potato chowder

As for lunches, we made picnics by buying local products which were fresh and delicious. Here is a list of essentials to pick up while you’re out admiring the many landscapes the region has to offer. We were able to fit everything we needed for the day in the Lexus RX L, which made the experience so much easier!.

  • À chacun son pain for sandwiches, pizzas, fresh bread and pastries
  • fromagerie Charlevoix for its choice of cheese – so good
  • La ferme Basque  for its duck foie gras
  • smoked salmon from le fumoir St Antoine


We spent the whole day outside and when the evening came, we visited restaurants, on the site of Le Germain, so we didn’t have to  hit the road again and be ready for bedtime. We had dinner every night at Le Bercail du Germain restaurant, where the formula is simple: chairs around the fireplace, a counter, stools and a simplified menu. If you have small ones, ask for a table with big bench. It’s perfect for the moment they start to get tired.


The restaurant offers a nice selection of dishes for children with a nice entree of raw vegetables. The boys ate the pasta and the homemade pizza which was a success. They spoiled the kids to end with a mini brownie, which was perfect and didn’t  stop them from sleeping.


We tasted several dishes and because honestly everything was mouth-watering here is a list of our favorites you if you’re ever in the area:.

  • kimchi salmon tartare
  • le pêcheur’s board
  • mushrooms pizza
  • cod fish cake
  • smoked salmon toast

the mushrooms pizza at restaurant Le Bercail is definitly a must have

To top it all off, Le Germain de Charlevoix also had a few activities to keep us

In the corridor, on the ground floor, located near the reception, there is the play area for children, where they can read a book, play blocks or even draw. This little corner is well laid out and provided a lot of enjoyment for our boys.

The site also features a farm, which made for a great family experience as we could get quite close to the animals. The boys especially liked the roosters, sheep, and highland cattle.


I am sure you will enjoy your stay just as much as we loved it. Le Germain Hotel & Spa Charlevoix, is the ideal base camp for a dream vacation with your partner or family. Its country charm, refined design and local cuisine will surely provide you an authentic experience of a life time.


This post was paid for by Lexus Canada.


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