Creating a wicker basket gallery wall

IMG_2596If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you noticed that I am constantly redoing some rooms in our house and changing things around. I’ve been collecting lately some flat shaped baskets in order to create a wall in Liam’s room. I’m not sure on how many I will hang but I got more then less. I love how these baskets will integrate in my contemporary style home by bringing it the charm of authenticity of where they’re from.


Wicker walls seems to have gained popularity in the last couple of months so did the boho themed rooms. They have something really peaceful, cozy and natural and that can usually be created without going over budget or spending too much, which I love. Lots of little gems can be found when going to thrift stores or flea markets and garage sales. I really love that fact that it also gives a second life to some items that are recycled with a different purpose. Another reason I really love about this wall is that baskets can be reused later on with other purposes around the house.


Because I wanted to change some decorations in Liam’s room, who just turned 7 not a long time ago and wanted his room to me more neutral, with some pops or burnt orange, rust. Since I also always loved natural materials compared to plastic, I wanted to add a natural touch on his wall, without having to spend to much since I love to change things around in the house often.


I started browsing the web, Instagram and Pinterest of course to get some tricks and get inspired with some ideas and what others has come up in different rooms. Although some seemed to cost a leg and an arm to create that kind of beautiful trendy mural with imported baskets, I started first looking in my own house what I had as wicker plates, mats and baskets. I also asked friends and family if they might had any that they didn’t want anymore. I was lucky to find beautiful one in one of my latest travel and also found a few in garage sale and local thrift store.



  • thrift stores
  • flea market
  • garage sales
  • your home
  • friends and family
  • Etsy
  • travel souvenirs
  • local decorating shops

Even if I prefer the result on a white wall, this mural can totally be created on any colour wall. Another thing is that I prefer when there is a variation in size and texture. It makes it more personal and artsy.



  • use a nail driven through the center of the basket to hang them but this might damage the basket and you will see it when close enough
  • use a fishing line  and a small nail by creating a loop on the back of the basket
  • use temporary sticky wall hook



Disinfection: Leave the in a tub or sink filled with hot water and dishwashing liquid with a few drops of javel water while using an old toothbrush to clean and brush them. They will dry pretty fast and like that, you make sure that you eliminate most of the germs and dust. You can never be too careful.


So I can’t wait to show you the result in Liam’s room really soon.


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