Testing the new Extend2Fit® Graco Convertible Car Seat


Choosing a car seat is tough! There are so many options, and one look at the car seat aisle or webpage can make our head swim with weight limits, positions, harness options … So how do you know what the best seat for your child is? You want to find the safest seat that fits your vehicle, child, and can be used correctly 100% of the time.


After trying many, many car seats for 14 years now – on and off, of course – I can say that we have tried a lot. Liked some and hated some. I was happy when I was told I could give
the Extend2Fit ® Graco Convertible Car Seat a try for Axel!

The great thing about the Extend2Fit ®  Graco Convertible Car Seat, your little one can also ride rear-facing longer – allowing for a safer ride – up to 50 pounds! It has an extension panel that allows for 5 additional inches of leg room, so your little one can be more comfortable also! I have always been on the really careful side of things when it comes to road and car safety, so I felt secure when I found out that it was side impact tested for occupant retention, with the built-in 5-point harness system and the steel-reinforced frame that provides more strength and durability.

My favourite features about the Extend2Fit ®  Graco Convertible Car Seat are definitely the following:
 6-position recline  (I love it for long car rides and our frequent road trips)
 The seat pad is comfortable and machine-washable (Axel was sick in it the first time he
tried it and it came out like a brand new one after washing it in the machine)
 There are two integrated cup holders (one cup for Axel and one cup for his brother, of
course haha!)
 The 10-position adjustable headrest is easy to use and adjust as Axel grows


I installed the car seat myself and found the entire process really easy. It comes with an
installation guide that is easy to read and understand. All the markers on the sides of the
Extend2Fit ®  Graco Convertible Car Seat made my life easier and the clear signage helped give me confidence I was doing it correctly.

Did you know that the paediatric recommendation in Canada is to keep children rear-facing as long as possible as your child meets the weight and height limits in the manufacturer’s instructions, even if they are beyond one year of age. Don’t rush to move them to the next stage! Even young toddlers are safer in the rear-facing position.  The Extend2Fit ®  Graco Convertible Car Seat didn’t exist when I had Loïc and Liam, but I wish it had so they could have been rear-facing for even longer than they were. I totally recommend this car seat. In fact, I just did to a friend who’s expecting her second baby. She bought the colour Gotham, just like ours!

Thank you for reading!


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