Small changes to make a kids room more cozy and fun

IMG_3155 3.JPG

If there is a guilty pleasure that I enjoy a LOT in life is definitely decorating, doing DIY project, refurbishing furniture, giving life to secondhand items and accessories, swapping decor items from room to room etc…

I made recent changes to Liam’s room since I didn’t like the vibe of his old room because I thought it was not welcoming enough but at the same time I didn’t want it to be a major project neither or a too expensive one.


The dresser is a dresser that my boyfriend’s great grandfather built when he was young. We wanted to keep it since we love vintage pieces that has life but gave it a modern touch by applying paint on it and done a ombre effect with the drawers only in 3 shades of grey and painted the top and sides with a black chalkboard paint, so he could draw on it with chalks to make it more fun.


I always had a preference for warm tones and wood accents so this is why you can probably notice, in every room of our house, wood accessories or furniture, wicker plates and chest, as well as some natural materials like cotton, linen or burlap.

The reason I also like to keep from rom to room the same colour palettes or tones is that it’s easier then to swap accessories from a room to another if I need to change the decor easily and without a budget… and by having more neutrals I know it will go in time .

So here is the list of what you can find in Liam’s room and feel free to comment below if I missed something.

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