a rustic and natural touch to my Christmas gifts


IMG_3753.jpgI love to give my packages and gifts a touch of “luxe” with natural items to give them a rustic touch. Packages wrapped in inexpensive brown Kraft paper, monochrome paper or fabric and even in table cloth get a high-end update when topped with small bits of leftover fabric, raffia, rope, pompoms, small branch of pine or even ornements or small bells.


First get yourself a yummy hot coco, tea or coffee, get all you wrapping paper out, tape, ropes, ornements, fabric, pine branches, bells etc… and make it all happen.

I always preferred more natural tones for my wrapping paper so like that, I can add a pop of colour if the trend changes or my mood… and it can be used for any gender or any ages as well, just needs to be personalized with a small decorating item to add a more delicate touch and change the vibe.


I really love the simple and free add on when it comes to small branches of wood, or pine or any other tree you would have at home.

Ornements can be used to decorate any gifts, and it’s a fun way to offer an ornement to someone when you know that they will be able to reuse it at home in their own tree or maybe for your own kids as a souvenir of that year. Wrapped chocolate, pine cone or bell could be a fun and cute idea too.


I love to add the pop of colour with the small decorating item or ornement on top of the gift that I can tie with the rope or ribbon.


I also love to shop for many fun and cute items all year round. Sometimes it can be small pieces that I know I will use on gifts or better, the best deals are coming write after Christmas with the huge boxing day sales, so definitely time to stock on for the next year.



Happy gift wrapping guys!

xx Stephanie

Here are some more idea and inspirations for you, all from my PINTEREST board, click HERE for MORE ideas and inspiration.



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