LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher – my new friend in the kitchen


As a full time working mom, busy with house chores, kid’s activities and sports, if there is something I am looking for daily is definitely some help… and when I say help I mean real help like no need to prewash or rewash the dishes. I recently had installed the new LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher that cleans dishes with steam from boiling water and I’m sharing with you my experience and the difference of TrueSteam technology…. and why I should have got it before because it simplified and streamlined the process at home.


One thing I really like about the LG QuadWash is that the controls are hidden on top of the dishwasher’s door to prevent the curious little one, like Axel from pressing all the different controls. What they don’t see is perfect. 

Another feature that I really like is using the Turbo cycle (1 hour) clean option for busier days and the dishes still come out sparkling clean even on a shorter cleaning cycle. There are more options for drying the dishes that I sometimes like to use like the extra dry option that adds extra drying time to the cycle and raises the heated rinse temperature. When I start the dishwasher at night, I like to use the Night Dry option made for dishes left in the dishwasher overnight because after the cycle ends it can result in steam inside the tub condensing on dishes, leaving them wet. Night Dry runs the ventilation fan periodically to help vent steam from the tub.



Whaaat? I always used to have dishwashers where I needed to pre-wash the dishes before loading them or even sometimes re-wash them as soon as I would pick them up after the cycle. This is a real time saving if you ask me and results in less frustration with that chore. The powerful yet gentle TrueSteam® virtually eliminates the need to pre-wash. The built-in TrueSteam® on-door 4 steam jet generators is made to clean fragile items and can also be used for heavy-duty cleaning like pots and pans. This beautiful technology also reduces water spots by 60% and leaves all our dishes sparkling clean.


The LED tub light activates when the door is open, offering a sophisticated interior look. I really like this option since it’s much easier to have a quick look at the interior of the dishwasher when opening it to fill or unload it.



Another very nice feature I love about the dishwasher is the adjustable racks. The newly-enhanced EasyRack™ Plus system provides flexibility and adjusts to any load of dishes. The two top racks are adjustable so you can fit any tiny utensils or baby bottle parts on the top rack while you can easily lower the middle rack to fit in taller wine glasses or plates. The racks glide in and out smoothly with the help of LG’s Glide Rail and Ball Bearing design, for a smooth chore.


I really love the fact that this dishwasher is Environmentally Friendly and Energy Star® rated, which means it uses less energy than required by current federal standards. 

I remember that we all found funny to see our mother getting all excited about a new appliance when we were younger but I can totally relate now and need to admit that I am totally loving my new LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher. I really hope that you will be able to have it in your home one day, you’ll thank me, I’m sure that you will enjoy all of the benefits and positive features that I love.


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