Preparing Easter baskets for kids


Easter is probably one of my favorite holiday, since I don’t find it as stressful as Christmas and I love all the egg decorating, basket making , egg hunt activities etc and because it always  feels like spring…. finally.

Easter rimes with chocolate and candies but it doesn’t mean that it has to be filled with sugar loaded stuff only, not go too overboard with the candy. I don’t deprive my sons of sweets, but I like it to remain special, and focus on more natural sweeteners on a daily basis. I love to give my sons chocolate of course every year, it’s kind of a tradition but I like to alternate and tweak the Easter gifts every year… plus it’s always the time to restock things like art supplies, reading materials or outdoor toys.


This year, I will be opting for the following:

1 reusable rattan basket from le Petit Cocon

1 lamb knit doll from Cuddle & kind

Wooden Tic Tac toe from

Chocolate eggs and small chocolates

Coloring books and markers

Pastel confetti play dough

Easter wooden games – Tic Tac Toe

Easter books – my 2 choices

Easter Chick Lego

J’attendrai Pâques ( Français )

Au dodo, mouton ( Français ) OU Sleep, sheep ( English )

I love the annual tradition of the Easter egg hunt of course, where I like to scatter eggs around the grass in our front yard with reusable eggs that we fill with tattoes, stickers, socks, snacks…

Think about the following when creating and filling the Easter basket.. with an Easter theme ( bunnies, rabbits and roosters ) or color scheme of course ( pastels or bold ).

Something FUN ( Bubble wand, doll, small figurines, erasers, marbles )

Something SWEET ( chocolate, eggs, yogurt pretzels or raisin\nuts )

Something CREATIVE ( coloring books, chalks, paint, markers )

Something to WEAR ( t shirt, socks, hat, hair clips and headbands )

Something to READ ( books, activity book… )

Something DIY ( finger puppets, eggs, basket )

And to be ecological, I LOVE and always USE a basket that we already own. If I don’t have one and have a need for another basket, I would opt for a reusable one like a lunch fabric bag, wicker or fabric basket to be reused for small toys or a wicker one that can be reused in the kitchen or bathroom…or for play.

Happy Easter everyone,

Stephanie xx

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