7 things you need to do in BANFF

IMG_2336_Facetune_19-05-2019-09-20-24.jpgI had the chance to visit Banff not a long time ago and friends of mine recently started to plan a trip out west Canada and asked me what were my recommandations about BANFF so I thought that you might want to know… especially if you are looking to plan a trip in western Canada or if you’re looking for some ideas.

I visited Banff in October so I was lucky to see the whole area with beautiful and fresh snow… but this region is totally amazing all year long where different activities and sports varies depending of the seasons!

I plan to go back with the boys in the next years, and I know since they love traveling and going on adventures they will love this trip.


  1. The most beautiful VIEWS at LAKE LOUISE

If there is something that is definitely a MUST while in Banff is to plan a few hours and visit the beautiful Lake Louise and if you have time, schedule a fun hike. It’s a STUNNING and breathtaking view and feeling! The Lake is quite small but with all the enormous mountains surrounding it, it makes it all a magical moment!

  1. A walk in BANFF VILLAGE

Did you know Banff, previously named as Rocky mountains  National park was Canada’s first national park?! This beautiful resort town is definitely known for its mountainous surroundings, it’s hot springs and is a perfect destination for outdoor sports ( hiking, biking and skiing). I didn’t have the chance to go for long hikes because I was there for business purposes, or do some skiing and biking but I really enjoyed walking in the beautiful streets of Banff, admiring those beautiful and welcoming streets amongst the mountains.



Located in the heart of Banff National Park, the world famous Fairmont Banff Springs hotel stands as a landmark in the picturesque alpine town of Banff… Canada’s “Castle in the Rockies”, since 130 years. What I loved about the hotel is definitely it’s location and the view that you have no matter where you are located on site. The service was awesome and the historical building makes it all dreamy and unique. Enjoy a short stroll from the hotel and explore the charming town of Banff just minutes away and you will probably see deers while enjoying your walk.


  1. Wine tasting at GRAPES  Bar & Cellar

I loved and really enjoyed one of my diner at the Grapes bar and cellar restaurant located directly in the Fairmont hotel. They serve a curated selection of the best house-cured meats and artisan cheeses which are perfectly paired with the best selection of wine to elevate the charcuterie game.

This hide-away , cozy, historic and charming room is the perfect place to dine on delicious pâtés, candied salmon, tartare, Canadian cheese board and delicious pickled vegetables.

  1. Diner with a view at THREE RAVENS

If you are looking for a stunning view and an exceptional culinary experience, this is the place, the THREE RAVEN. This is inspired by creativity sustainability and culinary diversity. I had the BC octopus as a starter and the honey glazed halibut and I’m still speechless…. it was quite an experience and would go back anytime.


 6. Breakfast at STOCK

When I travel, I usually prefer to keep my breakfast simple, fast but healthy and yummy. STOCK food and drink answered that. A beautiful, simple coffee shop, located at the main level at the Fairmount offers a nice menu, delicious coffees offered with any nut milk, and my favourite was definitely the oatmeal loaded with dry fruits and nut with a side of colourful fruits.  I also had a couple time for late afternoon snacks their homemade hummus served with warm naan breads! Delicious….

7. Visit the EVOOLUTION boutique

I love to discover new places, boutiques when I travel and always get curious about finding new brands all while visiting and walking around. I was so happy to discover the cute EVOOLUTION boutique, Which consists of inspiring us to discover the world of olive oil through better taste and health. They offer a huge variety of olive oils and balsamics that you can ALL taste on site. The chipotle and cilantro olive oils were my favourite as well as the coconut  or honey ginger white balsamic…. which I got as gifts and for us at home.

So no matter the reason you’re going to Banff, you need to visit these places you will be pleased, I’m telling you! I shared my favourite here with you and hoping to go back soon and this time as a family or maybe a romantic gateway… and of course visiting the places again, discovering new ones and going on hikes for sure.



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