Confortable and versatile


If you are like me, you like to have stylish pieces when it comes to building your wardrobe. I love when the clothes I choose are multi fonction, well made, classic and have a very nice quality to keep them longer.

I recently discovered FIG clothing and really fell in love with their pieces.

FIG clothing offers the ultimate solution for active and modern women travellers seeking elegant, comfortable and ethical clothing. Each collection, each design, each fabric, is meant for the adventurous soul and make their pieces perfect for traveling and for active women.

My favorite pieces are the following:

The ZAZ onpiece

The OTH pants They are definitely my Go to pants on the weekend when we need to go for errands or when I need to jump on a flight with the kids. They are confortable, they don’t wrinkle and they have a stylish fit. I love to pair it with a white top, a jean jacket and some sneakers.


The WIL tank

If you are looking for the perfect white top, to either put it under a blazer for work, wear it with jeans shorts in summer or with the OTH pants, this white top is. I love how versatile it is with a modern look when paired with a more classic bottom.

What is your preferred type of clothing when it comes to shopping for clothes?






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