The perfect raincoat

IMG_2753_Facetune_27-05-2019-20-27-53With my busy life with the 3 boys, full time schedule at work, busy lifestyle with many family and kids activities, lots of traveling and outdoors adventure, I need to rethink my wardrobe differently. My walk-in seems less cluttered and I feel less overwhelmed in the morning when it comes to leave the house quickly with everyone.


I wanted to share with you the perfect raincoat. It’s a Helly Hanson that I got from Altitude Sports. Why I call it perfect? Because it can be worn all the time. I use it when I need to be on the road visiting clients or a day at the office when it’s supposed to be raining… and I can also use it on the weekend with our family activities and outdoors adventures.

If I want a more stylish, dressy look, I remove the hoodie and just leave it out when I want a more sporty look.


I love the modern look of this coat that makes it perfect for the city and love the fact that it’s waterproof, windproof and breathable. Classic styling and rich detailing make this coat unique. The hoodie that can be taken out easily is the perfect addition to make this coat versatile, modern and perfect for a busy lifestyle mom.

Do you have a versatile raincoat in your wardrobe?

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