I’m Stephanie. Thanks for stopping by!

Born and raised in Montréal, Canada,  I also spent a lot of time and lived in Ottawa, Canada and Florida, US. I studied in biology, business and a little in interior design.

I recently started my blog of my creative outlet and my busy mom’s lifestyle to share with you. I’m obsessed with my 3 boys and my hubby and all joy and challenges that comes with it. I love champagne and a great wine, I’m a list maker, love interior design, renovation projects, fashion and all thing babies/kids of course.

Here on the blog you will find lots of baby/kids fashion trends and lovely brands, some of our daily looks, interior design inspirations, lifestyle living tips with kiddos, occasional food/recipes and all things parenting/working/wifey/woman challenges.

Feel free to contact me as you wish, I’ll be happy to read you and answer of course.

xx Stéphanie