Miles baby fall/winter collections

IMG_6004We recently had the chance the visit Miles baby brand’s head office located in Montreal and had lot of fun discovering the new fall/winter 2018 collection. Miles baby is a new baby play wear brand inspired by the neighbourhoods that line the Main in Montreal. They offer playful vibes and comfy styles with an illustrative aesthetic and a hint of nostalgia. Since I already had pieces for Axel from their last fall and summer collection last year, I know how well made, soft and fun their pieces are. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite pieces and outfits for Axel.


Here are the reasons why we really like Miles baby:

  • the fabrics they use is always really soft
  • Axel looks comfy in them
  •  they style and design is stylish yet minimal and fun
  • it’s affordable
  • the clothes and colours stay really nice wash after wash

As a reference, the sizes are true to kids age and might even fight a bit bigger. Axel is almost 3, wears size 3 in joggers and size 4 for a looser fit on top but fits really well in size 3 tops too.

They will launch 4 collections this year. So here is the first collection called Back to (ART) School, with fun prints, green shades, grey, black and white pieces. You will love it. You will find for your little man joggers, tops, as well as fun accessories such as hats and scarves and they also have adorable pyjamas. And they of course have a girl’s line, which is always the same prints as the little boys but on leggings, dresses, skirts and cute girly tops.

Back to ( ART ) school

So as soon as they launch a new collection, I’ll keep you posted and show you more of their cute pieces.

Stay tuned.

Have a lovely day!


Our visit to Parc Safari – Hemingford

IMG_2122 2

Je vous écrit mes péripéties parceque #LaVraieVie

06h00: Oui, même un week-end, j’ai réglé mon réveil pour surprendre les enfants avec un court voyage à Hemingford, Parc Safari. Alors je me suis levé un peu plus tôt pour terminer le pique-nique, mettre les trucs dans le  le SUV, me préparer, apprécier un café CHAUD (oui lire ici #momvictory) et ensuite réveiller les garçons.

Tout a commencé avec une grosse crise de colère avec mon plus jeune (Oh oui …) et puis j’ai commencé à regretter de les avoir réveillé si tôt et de ne pas avoir attendu qu’ils se réveillent tous seuls puisqu’ils se réveillent déjà si tôt en semaine. Après les avoir soudoyés avec des collations amusantes à apporter et l’iPad pour la route afin qu’ils puissent regarder un film ou jouer à des jeux, Liam a soudainement commencé à être plus gentil et soudain, Axel  aussi. ( bizarre haha )

À ce moment-là, Loic mon adolescent s’est même ré-endormi. Quelle matinée, quelle bonne idée de maman j’avais eu de cette journée, de me lever très tôt… haha.

La raison pour laquelle je les ai réveillés si tôt est que nous avons  la chance d’assister au petit déjeuner des lions mais c’était à 8h30 précis et nous avions environ 1h30 de route à faire.

Donc nous sommes finalement partis, avons ramassé l’un des amis de Loic puisque mon mari était sur le quart de week-end ce jour-là, et puis nous avons finalement pris la route.

Tout s’est très bien passé, tous les garçons s’entendaient très bien jusqu’à …  ce qu’Axel a commence à vomir PARTOUT dans son siège auto, sur lui, sur le iPad, sur le plancher de la voiture … YEP. Et deux fois !!!

Je vais vous épargner les détails mais ensuite, avec le début de matinée que j’avais eu, c’était trop et je voulais juste rentrer à la maison, aussi bien que je ne savais pas comment Axel se sentirait plus tard et je ne voulais pas qu’il soit malade durant la journée pauvre petit coco. Alors je me suis arrêté au bord de la route, j’ai tout nettoyé, changé Axel, jeté des trucs dans une poubelle parce que je ne supportais plus l’odeur … et repris la route pour me diriger vers le Parc Safari.

Je suis contente de l’avoir fait car Axel se sentait si bien après, et oh que nous avons passé une journée incroyable, avec des activités tellement amusantes et ces animaux étaient tout simplement LES MEILLEURS, la RÉCOMPENSE du JOUR!

Nos coups de coeur de cette journée: Les lions, les girafes, les phaons, les chameaux et les petits suricates.

Il y a un air de jeu pour les plus petits, le site est vraiment éducatif, et il y a plusieurs aires de jeux d’eau et piscine mais nous n’y sommes pas allés car il faisait trop froid cette journée là.

Allez-y cet été, je vous le dit, c’est un coup de coeur assuré.



6:00am: Yes, even on a weekend I pt my alarm clock to surprise the kids with a fun short road trip to Hemingford, Parc Safari. So I got up a little bit earlier to finish up the picnic, pack the SUV, get ready myself, enjoy a WARM coffee ( yes I did: read #momvictory ) and then wake up the boys.

It started with a HUGE tantrum with my 2 youngest ( Oh yes… ) and then I started immediatly regretting waking them up so early and not waiting for them to wake up by themself since they already wake up so early on week days. After bribering them with some fun snacks to bring and the iPad for the road so they could watch a movie or play games, Liam started to be nicer and suddenly, Axel stopped as well.

By that time, Loic my teen fell back to sleep. What a morning, what a great mom idea I had haha.

The reason why I woke them so early is we had the chance to attend to the Lions breakfast but that was at 8h30 sharp and we had about 1h30 of drive to do.

So we finally left, picked up one of Loic’s friend since my hubby was on weekend shift that day, and then really took the road.

Everything went really well, all the boys got along until…. Axel started throwing up EVERYWHERE in his car seat, on him, iPad, car floor… YEP. And TWICE!!!

I will save you the details but then, with the morning start I had, that was TOO MUCH and just wanted to come back home, as well as I didn’t know how Axel would feel later. So I stopped by the side of the road, cleaned up everything as much as I could, changed Axel, thrown stuff in a garbage because I just couldn’t support the odor… and took the road again and heading to Parc Safari.

So glad I did because Axel felt so good after, and oh we had an amazing day, with just so fun activities and those animals were just THE BEST, the REWARD of the DAY!


Our favorites of this day: the lions, giraffes, bambis, camels and small meerkats.

There is a play area for the little ones, the site is really educational, and there are several playgrounds and swimming pool but we didn’t go because it was too cold that day.

Go there this summer, I tell you, you will LOVE your day and experience!

Stephanie xx




We are an outdoor family, always trying to find something to do outdoors and I kindly forced my children to be outdoor loving little men. What I mean by that is they all started being outside a couple days after their birth, and that also counts napping outside, either in a baby carrier, in a sled or in the stroller.

Daily temperature here in Montreal, Canada, oftently drops to -5C to -10C and it’s really common for us to leave our little Axel for a sleep in his stroller outside on winter days.


I think it’s good for them to be in the fresh air as soon as possible especially during winter when there is so much diseases around. All my three boys slept outside from an early age and mostly during winter time. Maybe it’s just me but they seem healthier. 

Borned in december myself, my mother had me sleep in the pram almost daily as soon as I was a couple of weeks old… and I survived haha!

The theory behind outdoor napping is that children exposed to fresh air, whether in summer or the depths of winter, are less likely to catch coughs and colds and I truly believe in it.And you know what?! All my 3 sons slept much more longer outside in the stroller compaired to naps indoors.

I’m pretty sure that 2 things really helps: fresh air being the main reason and also, the fact that I swaddle him a lot and he doesn’t get overheated because of the cold environment surrounding.

Key to long naps outdoors and making sure that baby wont be cold.

  • Warm clothes & many layers
  • warm sleeping bag
  • stroller with extended canopy

My routine to get baby ready for an outdoor nap:

  1. dress baby, if possible with a merino wool suit ( never cotton )
  2. dress baby in layer
  3. on colder days, I always add on a fleece pant and top
  4. wool socks are a must and some baby lined booties
  5. put a well covering hat, neck warmer and little gloves ( although his winter suit has hand flaps )
  6. we got a 1 piece snow suit, light one, not to bulky
  7. we got a baby sleeping sack that we use almost 7 months a year. on warmer days, it’s just so practical since I sometimes don’t need to dress baby as warm or I can remove a layer as the bunting bag just keeps him warm.
  8. extended canopies on strollers will protect baby for stronger winds or snow fall. Although I like when there is a breeze going to my little one’s face so he can get the fresh air, I just want to make sure that he doesn’t get to many snow flakes in the face or direct stronger winds which would probably end that peaceful napping and freeze his fragile skin. ( I love the Valco baby for that reason and + many other great features, it rides so well in the snow) 
  9. finally I always check again and again my little one just to make sure he’s not cold since he doesn’t move as much as we do outside and  that he could get colder much faster then us moving.

my MUST HAVE LIST for dressing baby in winter time.

  • 7am enfant (Igloo sac)
  • NorthFace Thermoball bunting
  • Robeez lined booties (Classic baby boots)
  • Valco baby stroller ( we have the Tri mode X)

FullSizeRender 14.jpg

My 3 boys really enjoy the outdoors at the moment, since they were little, cold or not and I really think that it helped them bond with sometimes not so clement weather. it’s all about having fun and to share more happy moments as well so being prepared and well dressed will all make it much more easier and joyful.

Have fun in the cold.

Stéphanie xx

ROMPERS – Real baby trend


ROMPERS – Real baby clothes trend

You don’t need to be old or big to be fashionable. And fashion or trends does not always mean not comfortable. I believe in letting babies chill in a onesie, soft leggings, comfy rompers.. I strongly believe in comfort, softness and stretchy clothes above all else for kids, especially babies. So no,I don’t think so that stretchy jeans would work for my 8 month old baby boy. Also, the real “mini-me-look” like a real mini mom and mini dad seems to be ending. So welcome to real and comfy baby clothes, and to add to it, the romper look is also so so cute on toddlers too.

So I’ll be sharing with you our 6 favorite brands for rompers and we base our “favorite” with style, comfort, quality and style”

There are so many nice and stylish other brands so if you don’t see it below it’s probably just because we did not try them yet…

romper ole design

OLE.DESIGN @oledesign

Limited Edition Modern Bamboo Romper is handmade using super soft bamboo fabric. Comes in two colours: black & neutral. Illustrations are hand drawn using non-toxic paint. So soft & stylish for little ones.

They are really easy to put on active baby the fit is a relax, loose fit.

Our favorite prints are the bunny, the moose and the racoon.

Sizes: 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-24 months, 2T, 4T

Designed in Canada.

romper whimsical fox

THE.WHIMSICAL. FOX @thewhimsicalfox

The Whimsical Fox lovely baby rompers are designed with Mamas in mind, snaps where you need them and their signature closed leg cuff to keep those squirmy babes’ feet in place while dressing. Rompers have a relaxed fit and they are totally unisex styles. All rompers from the shop are hand printed and made from 100% cotton jersey.

Our favorite prints are the “un, deux, trois”, “oui” and “moi & maman”

Designed and printed with love in Toronto, Canada.

romper plum kids


Made from 100% Organic medium weight Cotton Jersey or 100% Organic Cotton Jersey. They are so soft to the touch and have lots of stretch.

Plum Kids Couture rompers looks super cute on a baby or toddler. Its generous fit gives longer wear, as well as lots of room for diper, providing comfort during play or sleep-time. The prints are non-toxic and eco friendly. All seams are professionally serged for durability and longevity of the garment.

You can choose the option of snaps at the inseam because they come SNAP-LESS. It’s put on ONLY through the neck hole.

I personally have the ones without snaps and it’s really easy to put on baby.

They are neutral gender designs so they fit for trendy boys and girls.

Our favorite prints are the monograms, peekaboo bunny, stripes  and clouds. They have more girly prints if you are looking for some soft pink shades.

Jas, Owner and Creative Director of PLÜMKIDS Couture, an online children’s boutique based in Alberta, Canada.

Sizes: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-24 months, 2T, 3-4T, 5-6T

Designed in Alberta, Canada.

Romper Little deer handmade
The little deer handmade tank harem rompers are made out of 100% organic cotton jersey, fully sourced and made in Canada while other models are made of cotton produced in the USA that is certified organic by global organic textile standards
The fabric is super stretchy and allows you to easily pull on the romper through the leg hole. These rompers have snaps at the inseam and crotch for changing ease, perfect for summer and great to comfortably play in!
Sizes: Preemie, NewBorn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2T, 3T, 4T

Designed in Alberta, Canada.
Romper Little Moore Shop


The little Moore shop rompers are made of 100% organic cotton fabric. This includes the dye used as well. They  offer a unisex summer razor back design in multiple prints. They have prints that are really girly or more boyish. Our favorites are Geo triangle, remix cross, flamingo palms and sharks.

Sizes: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2-3T

Designed in British Columbia, Canada.

romper malimiko


Malimiko rompers are made from organic cotton. Organic Cotton is grown without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides so this means their poducts are free of toxic chemicals and safe for your children. Our favorite is the marble circle print.

Sizes: 000, 00, 0, 1.(Australian sizes) They have bigger sizes coming with next collection.

Designed in Australia

So here was our favorite brands for rompers and we will definitly have much more to come since I already placed new orders for more rompers. I love ROMPERS, can you tell. I’ll make reviews on lots more baby clothes soon and share about what brands we love. Thanks for reading and have a great week end
xx. S.

Teething necklaces

FullSizeRender 5Good evening mamas.

As a mom of 3 boys, I’m always on the hunt for safe and secure, non-toxic, durable and cool, minimalist baby accessories. With my 2 first babies, I didn’t have the chance to get teething necklaces, not available at the moment. Baby toys and accessories have changed so much since the past years, so many items making their apparence on the market. Being a mom is of course my first full time job but I need also, to not forget that I’m as well a woman, wifey, entrepreneur, girl boss… reasons why I love to take care of myself and look good. See me coming? So if to my eyes my look is important, what I wear and accessories I choose for myself are very important as well. Having the possibility to choose over stylish, chic, minimalist and class  teething jewelry makes me happy. I know it will complete my look without having the tag on the forehead “I’m wearing my babies toys around the neck!”

I had many emails and messages regarding my necklaces so I thought it would have been a good idea to share with you my thoughts and review about teething necklaces.

Here are my favorites.


FullSizeRender 4

Minimalist and modern necklace, with 2 buttery soft silicone  beads and 1 organic maple wooden bead as well as a strung on pure stainless steel ball chain.

They have some other models from different makers. As well as all their products offered in the shop, they are tested, high quality and ethically sourced products that are safe for your home, your family and our Earth.

Our favorite from the boutique Naturoco is definitely the “NOIR teething necklace”.


string and chew

These stylish handmade mama necklaces are also free of harmful chemicals. Each bead is hand strung on a nylon string with a knotted finish at the end of the beads, and all closed with a plastic breakaway clasp. They all measure 36” in length.

Our favorite are the HUE, SIMPLE and CLASSIC.


organic mama

They specialize in chic, stylish teething jewellery. The collection was created for mama’s that want to look fabulous and with necklaces that would remain practical for the little ones.

Our favorites are LUXE peach and MADISON for a more neutral look and if your’e looking for a bolder look, AVA and LUXE black will answer all your wish list.

I find that silicone teething necklaces offers me a practical, convenient way to ensure teething relief and I know that it will always be at hand. My little one really loves the soft, flexible nature of child-safe silicone. I also find that it is really convenient not only when little man is in my hands but when breastfeeding or when I wear him. He loves to hold it in his tiny little hands and of course chew on it for minutes…

You want to make sure that the teething necklaces you are choosing have the following features that are just as important as for teething rings and teethers.

  • Baby safe (food grade silicone)
  • Safety: needs to have an emergency breakaway clasp
  • Stylish: Always a plus when it’s cute and fun for mom too!
Sharing with you some advises that you probably already know, but just in case…
  • Babies should always be supervised while playing and chewing on jewelry
  • Never leave a baby, infant, child or toddler wear a necklace
  • Necklaces are safe for children 3+ as a sensory tool
  • Never leave babies or child unattended.
  • Adult supervision is always required
  • If you notice that the necklace is damaged by chewing, you should immediately dispose of it.
  • Always wash before use.
  • Teething necklaces are not a toy.
  • Leave out of reach of baby.
How to clean teething necklaces
I suggest to hand wash  in natural soap with water, rinse thoroughly and air dry. However, some of them are dishwasher safe (top rack). You may use a light coat of coconut oil ( I tried it ) on the untreated wood to preserve the quality and look. (if your model has wooden beads).
On a final note, the teething necklaces mentioned above definitly has all of the  ‘’mommy requirements’’ that you want to find in your teething necklace hunt.
xx, Stephanie

Brand repping!


HELLO moms and dads!
I often receive questions about brand repping on my IG accounts and by email so I thought I would share some tips with you since we do brand rapping in our house.
* Love shopping small
* Be genuine about shops you represent
* Help shops to grow
* Love taking bright and crisp pictures of your kids
* Be active on social medias
Axel BR1
To start, a “BRAND REP” is the short version of a BRAND REPRESENTATIVE of  a shop/boutique. It is really popular  with Instagram’s babies and kids but it’s gaining popularity with moms and also playroom / home decor.
Axel BR2
Basically, a brand rep (and babie’s moms…. well mostly haha!) will receive free items and accessories in exchange of pics and time (I’ll explain what time means in this case). The reps will get to wear, try and play with the given items and in return, parents take pics of the babies/kids and send them back to the shop that provided the free clothes/accessories. The shops will then use these pics in social medias instead of spending fortunes on professional models working with agencies.
Axel BR3
Sounds perfect? Easy? Fun? Well yes it is but it also means that you agree to “a contract” with the given shop that you will provide clean, crisp, clutter free and/or natural  and daily pics of your babe with the given items. Some shops will ask to post 1-2X/week (or more), for the agreement term styled with different outfits, backgrounds.
It also means that the shops that believe in you by choosing you as a brand rep will count on you to promote, share, post pics and help their brand grow. So you have to make sure that you are ready to commit to the shops’s terms and requests. You will also sometimes need to repost giveaways, promotions, flash sales, contests or any other promotions.
You need to be genuine about the brands you represent. As for me, I always want my sons to represent shops and brands that fits our style. I wouldn’t want to represent a shop that does not fit our style and/or values. It is very common that these shops are start ups so showing and sharing full support and belief in the shop is the most important.
If you are just into getting free items this is not for you at all. Nothing is free in life.
Axel BR4
Tips I could give you would be to work on your pics, try to get clean and crisp ones, clutter free even if some shops prefer natural and more urban backgrounds. When applying into a brand rep search that fits your style, take a look at what they post and it will give you a big idea on the brands’ style and what they are probably looking for. Shops will usually prefer a good quality photo along with style of course so the items stand out.
Also, it is really appreciated from the shops when you make daily outfits with different brands so it makes more visibility on social medias for them. When pictures are re posted, they usually re-tag all shops involved in picture.
Axel BR5
What is the difference? BE will get a discount and will be asked to make X amount of purchase during the term. The shops will be asking for same requirements as brand reps as of quality in pictures and sharing/promoting the shop.
Hope it helped. Let me know of you have more questions.
(Please note that these pics are MY STYLE of taking the pics and that not means AT ALL that it is THE WAY to take them. I know that I don’t fit with certain style of brands and it is totally OK with me, because every shop has his own style BUT every mamarazzi has his own too… so follow what you like best and keep it)that way, so brands get to see that you are authentic)
On a last personal note, really apply on the shops that you would by clothes from even if you wouldn’t receive any free items or any rebate. That shows that you really like the style of the shops and that also you will be genuine about them and will spread positive vibes about as well. Remember, they count on you to grow and gain visibility!
Good luck to you all in your searches!
xx, Stephanie

The diaper bag’s checklist


Have you ever left the house and felt that you are bringing with you the entire nursery? Well, this is ALWAYS happening to me, even after 3 babies.
 I always want to make sure that I have everything, calculate how many diapers I need for that X hours I’ll be out, changes incase a disaster happens, some little toys, wipes, ….. But what do we really need? I love being prepared as a parent so here is my DIAPER BAG LIST. Yep. I love doing lists!! It’s all about being prepared to meet baby’s need right?
Here is with my experience what I find the most practical as for when I leave the house for a short period of time.
sac a couche
  • DIAPERS : 1/hour that you plan to be away + a few extras (don’t forget the + 1 rule (Add 1 more then you think ou will need)
  • WIPES : lots of companies offer a portable or travel-size version pack or just put them in a resealable plastic bag. They will be useful for diaper changes but also for little sticky fingers or any other mess.
  • BIO BAGS : I always have a few with me so you can put soiled diapers but are also useful for any dirty/soiled clothes and baby blankets)
  • CHANGING PAD : Lots of diaper bags come with a foldaway pad or you can get one seperatly. There are disposable versions of them or ones that are made of material and that are washable. I always have 2 with me, the padded one + 1 extra made of fabric and washable.
Axel Templeton pacie clip
  • EXTRA BABY CLOTHES : I always tend to bring with me at least 2 changes but that’s where it gets tricky. You get 2 changes and then if it’s summer, you get 1 lighter change and a little beanie if it gets colder at night, a little vest, little socks and moccs etc…I feel like I always need an extra luggage just for changes haha)
  • BABY BLANKET : I prefer the organic muslin swaddles) since they are lighter, really soft and take less space in the diaper bag. It can also be used as a burp clothe, swaddle, blankie, car seat cover and even nursing cover.
Modern burlap
  • NURSING COVER : I Always have 1 with me. I have a few at home since I prefer to get one as a car seat cover and the other one that I keep clean as my nursing cover, but it can be used for both if you want to save space in the diaper bag.
  • PACIFIER + CLIP : I usually leave the house and the pacifier is already clipped to my baby’s clothes or car seat strap, and always have at least 1 extra just in case.
  • DIAPER RASH CREAM : I always have an extra in my diaper bag so like this I get sure that I have one if I need to leave the house really fast and forget to take the one from home. The other option you have is a sample version that you can keep in the bag, so it takes less space.
  • BABY SLING/BABY WRAP : I always have one with me, wherever I go. I usually bring the stroller with me but always find practical to have a baby sling with me. If your little one his more fussy then carrying your baby will be a better option or if you visit a more crowed place, then stroller might not be the preferred choice.
  • BABY BOTTLE + MILK : Either in formula or expressed milk, you might need a bottle if you are not breastfeeding baby at the moment of when you need to feed the little one. I breastfeed so I normally never get a bottle with me (except when traveling away). I would recommend to bring single-portion packets formula with water bottle or if already mixed, put them in a little cooler.
  • BABY CUP : I always gave my little ones water as they sometimes get thirsty and it is practical to have a sip cup handy with pre-boiled water.
  • BIBDANAS/BIBS: I always have 1-2 extras so I make sure that the bibdana gets the extra droll but not the clothes, so I can save time on changing baby.
  • TEETHING TOYS/RATTLES: I always leave the house with 1-2 teething rings, toys and/or teething necklace and pacie clip. You will be glad to have these when baby gets bored or has a teething meltdown.
  • VACCINATION BOOKLET + EMERGENCY CONTACTS: I always keep them in the diaper bag. You never know in case of an emergency how that could save. I put my personal identification on a separate card as well as doctors infos and emergency contacts (Grand parents, hubby’s work contacts…)

Sac a couche Tory Burch

Hope it helps. I’ll post shortly details on our favorite products/items brands that we use the most and put in our diaper bag.

xx ,  Stephanie