When you talk about a personal assistant I automatically think about an assistant working exclusively for one particular person. I secretly always dreamed about having one in my life, fantasizing about all I could accomplish in a day, in a week, in a year! Because time is so precious and limited, we are always trying to find ways of saving time so we can use it for more important life stuff, like the kids.
We finally installed our Google home this weekend, and oh I should’ve installed it waaaay before! It’s so easy to setup!
First of all it was so quick and we are all addicted already! Like a LOT. Even Axel babbles « where is google ?  And calls it « GOOGA »
The kids borrow it ( without asking of course ) and want it in their own room! I guess we’re all dreaming about the PERSONAL ASSISTANT! Well Google home is!
Here is what we’ve asked Google and found so practical and that actually is saving time since we do not need to do it manually!
What time is it? ( so we don’t get late for school in the morning)
What’s the weather today? ( so I know if I need to dress the kids with one more layer )
Please play some music ( we can listen music via Google Play, Pandora, Spotify or TuneIn. )
What makes 2+2 ( so Liam can auto-correct his homeworks )
Can you set my alarm to 6am tomorrow
if you’re on the way out the door, you can ask it about traffic conditions or check the distance to your destination.
It can also check on your calendar if you have appointments ( it can’t yet add any )
If you have any smart home gadgets, the Google Home might be able to control them
with Philips Hue bulbs, which it can dim and color-change…
So we’re really happy to have a new friend in the house! I love it’s design and clean lo

boho – modern – chic home office redo


boho – modern – chic : my home office inspirations

Since I have the chance to work from home (Yes I find myself lucky), having a work place that feels right and looks like me, that reflects my personality  is a must. Living with 3 little men and my love in a more masculine house ( aka surrounded by Tonka trucks and fireman uniforms) ,  means that decorating my little space the way I love and want it  just feels right and the right thing to do since I need to spend so many hours working there. I need to feel like it’s MY ROOM, my little space, where I will feel inspired, resourced and energized.

I just wanted to share with you some ideas, inspos and little tricks I have learned by browsing the web, getting inspired on Pinterest, reading fengshui books, looking at decor magazine, shopping…

I first started to think about what kind of vibes I needed and wanted for that space and took little pieces here and there from different decor styles. I want my place to be relaxful even if it’s a work dedicated place, vibrant but not to bright, girly but not too pink, fun but not too distractful, cozy but not too much so I don’t feel like napping all the time haha!


Source: Pinterest

I’m hoping to create a welcoming and stylish work area, by mixing elements from a few design styles to keep my little office looking fresh, cozy and just like me. Here are my favorite aspects of each styles that most represents me.




Accessories. moroccan/Indian style pillows/throws

Bold. bold hues and rich fabrics offset white walls  & tone motifs/prints

Plants. you can never have enough plants

Whites. all white palette gets vibrant with ornate pillow and/or rugs


Source: Pinterest


Whites. include all-white colour palettes and the incorporation of natural elements like form-pressed wood, bright plastics, and enameled aluminum, steel

Colors. If there are pops of colour it often comes from the use of art, natural fibre throws or furs, or a single piece of furniture


Source: Pinterest


Sawhorse.The industrial look is all about utility and could be used as a rack or desk support.

Go thrifting. Metal, or metal and wood, chairs or small cabinet can bring an industrial vibe to any room.

Paint it black. Paint anything black for an instant industrial update.

Pipe bookcases.

Black, white and gray palette. Limit your decor to a fairly strict palette of black, gray and white, with some natural wood thrown in.

Raw. There’s a sense of unfinished rawness in many of the elements.


Source: Pinterest

Now, choosing the best POP of colour  (pop because I want to keep it mainly white and neutral) for a productive, inspiring office space

  • blue: helps being more efficient, productive and stimulates the mind
  • yellow: will help stimulate the inner self, bringing out the creative side
  • red: if there is a  need of being more physically stimulated, energetic and ambitious
  • green: brings more balance, has a calming effect.

By deciding what you want to impact,  add accents of colors with the following in mind:

mind – shades of blue/grey

emotions – shades of yellow/beige

body – shades of red/pink

balance -shades of green


Source: Pinterest

My little MUSTS list for my NEW OFFICE SPACE

  • do at 1 least 1 piece by myself
  • reuse as much as possible items from my house
  • buy 1 piece in a vintage store/thrift store
  • have 1 item (or more)  created by my 3 lovely boys
  • use quotes/pictures that will inspire me
  • art wall
  • book shelves with hidden storage (lots of storage)
  • seating for my invitees/kids/hubby
  • chalkboard
  • lots of different lighting
  • lots of pillows, throws, rugs, textures
  • white walls with bold accents

Source: Pinterest

Whether you have a full or part time “at-home” job, just need this space to pay the bills and classify your documents or are a small business owner as a second job, I think that a home office or work area is always nice to have.

Can’t wait to put together my home office tour when I finish decorating it and share with you my favorite finds and links from my shopping list.

Hope you enjoyed reading it and that inspired you in maybe your future office space redo.




Teething necklaces

FullSizeRender 5Good evening mamas.

As a mom of 3 boys, I’m always on the hunt for safe and secure, non-toxic, durable and cool, minimalist baby accessories. With my 2 first babies, I didn’t have the chance to get teething necklaces, not available at the moment. Baby toys and accessories have changed so much since the past years, so many items making their apparence on the market. Being a mom is of course my first full time job but I need also, to not forget that I’m as well a woman, wifey, entrepreneur, girl boss… reasons why I love to take care of myself and look good. See me coming? So if to my eyes my look is important, what I wear and accessories I choose for myself are very important as well. Having the possibility to choose over stylish, chic, minimalist and class  teething jewelry makes me happy. I know it will complete my look without having the tag on the forehead “I’m wearing my babies toys around the neck!”

I had many emails and messages regarding my necklaces so I thought it would have been a good idea to share with you my thoughts and review about teething necklaces.

Here are my favorites.


FullSizeRender 4

Minimalist and modern necklace, with 2 buttery soft silicone  beads and 1 organic maple wooden bead as well as a strung on pure stainless steel ball chain.

They have some other models from different makers. As well as all their products offered in the shop, they are tested, high quality and ethically sourced products that are safe for your home, your family and our Earth.

Our favorite from the boutique Naturoco is definitely the “NOIR teething necklace”.


string and chew

These stylish handmade mama necklaces are also free of harmful chemicals. Each bead is hand strung on a nylon string with a knotted finish at the end of the beads, and all closed with a plastic breakaway clasp. They all measure 36” in length.

Our favorite are the HUE, SIMPLE and CLASSIC.


organic mama

They specialize in chic, stylish teething jewellery. The collection was created for mama’s that want to look fabulous and with necklaces that would remain practical for the little ones.

Our favorites are LUXE peach and MADISON for a more neutral look and if your’e looking for a bolder look, AVA and LUXE black will answer all your wish list.

I find that silicone teething necklaces offers me a practical, convenient way to ensure teething relief and I know that it will always be at hand. My little one really loves the soft, flexible nature of child-safe silicone. I also find that it is really convenient not only when little man is in my hands but when breastfeeding or when I wear him. He loves to hold it in his tiny little hands and of course chew on it for minutes…

You want to make sure that the teething necklaces you are choosing have the following features that are just as important as for teething rings and teethers.

  • Baby safe (food grade silicone)
  • Safety: needs to have an emergency breakaway clasp
  • Stylish: Always a plus when it’s cute and fun for mom too!
Sharing with you some advises that you probably already know, but just in case…
  • Babies should always be supervised while playing and chewing on jewelry
  • Never leave a baby, infant, child or toddler wear a necklace
  • Necklaces are safe for children 3+ as a sensory tool
  • Never leave babies or child unattended.
  • Adult supervision is always required
  • If you notice that the necklace is damaged by chewing, you should immediately dispose of it.
  • Always wash before use.
  • Teething necklaces are not a toy.
  • Leave out of reach of baby.
How to clean teething necklaces
I suggest to hand wash  in natural soap with water, rinse thoroughly and air dry. However, some of them are dishwasher safe (top rack). You may use a light coat of coconut oil ( I tried it ) on the untreated wood to preserve the quality and look. (if your model has wooden beads).
On a final note, the teething necklaces mentioned above definitly has all of the  ‘’mommy requirements’’ that you want to find in your teething necklace hunt.
xx, Stephanie