Baby wearing

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I’ve been wearing Axel since he was about 2 months and I need to admit that I still totally love it. It changed my mommy’s life since I was suddenly, ( and still are ) able to do much more things since that baby was one that wanted to be held like all the time. What I really appreciate and love about baby wearing is definitely having my little one closer to me, while being comfortable and having  a full set of hands free for anything else.

My first baby carrier was a ring sling, from My Wild Bird.

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Here a little story about that amazing company.

When developing a new collection, the inspiring My Wild Bird owner and creator Tayler Golden  has always been really inspired by amazing places and environments. Since she started WildBird, she had the desire to create a collection of slings inspired by a single place. So finally this year, her Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections will be inspired by two amazing destinations , which the first one from Palm Springs, California! And I totally can’t wait for the Fall/Winter collection to arrive and see what destination she will choose, what pretty shades she will select.

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Tayler created WildBird out of a need for a functional, easy to use baby carrier that still carried a sense of style that parents would love to wear. Since day one, Tayler’s vision has always been to create beautiful, high quality baby carriers, while providing a carrier that was monetarily accessible to all parents.

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Here are some of our favorites as well as the ones we own:

And some care instructions from today’s @mywildbird Instagram post:

How do I wash my sling?

Washing your sling out of the box is a total preference, they come ready to wear!
When washing linen, use cool water and the machine on gentle cycle.

Hang dry and then steam iron.
Hand or spot wash bamboo with cool water.

Hang dry and run a low iron over it to re-soften!

And did you know that braiding your sling was a great way to soften up the linen?

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What’s your favorite WildBird fabric and shade?

You can shop them here:

Hope you liked this and thanks for stopping by.


Good night lovelies,


Stephanie xx


Growing tomatoes at home

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I’m always trying to give fresh food, if possible organic ( especially fruits and vegetables ) to our kids and also trying to teach them the value of food and tell them lucky we are to live in an area of the world where access to good food and fertile earth is accessible.

So having a small garden at home was not even a questions, even for me, the mother that has NOT A GREEN THUMB AT ALL. I needed to start slowly by having only 3 varieties of tomatoes. Just wanted to share a few tips that I’ve learned and I am SO open to suggestions for next year as I am hoping to plant more veggies. So all your tips and tricks on growing more yummy veggies are REALLY WELCOME or if you have any great websites to share as well.

Tomatoes require a long growing season, so we  start ( my mother and I )  the seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost date.


If you are starting tomatoes from seed, be sure to give the seedlings plenty of room to branch out so we transplant them into their own individual 4 in. pot, shortly after they get their first set of true leaves.


Tomato seedlings need strong, direct light. Days are short during winter, so even placing them near a very sunny window may not provide them with sufficient natural light but we only had the natural direct daylight and I can say with my own experience, it was enough.

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No you won’t need these kind of toys or heavy machines to plant your tomatoes… my son just LOVES to play in the garden with his trucks since it’s full of mud usually.

Plant your tomato plants deeper than they come in the pot, all the way up to the top few leaves. When planted this way, tomatoes are able to develop roots all along their stems. And more roots will make for a stronger plant. Place a small handful of all-purpose organic fertilizer or compost into the hole. The location I choose in my backyard has a LOT of direct sun, which is totally a must for sweet tomatoes.


  • Staking: Drive a wooden or metal stake into the ground next to the tomato transplant. Fasten the main trunk of the tomato to the stake with plastic ties. *** My favorite method if you take a look at my pictures, we used iron rods. ( but you can definetly use bamboo sticks or wooden ones too) ***

  • Caging: Insert a three-ringed metal cage into the soil around your tomato transplant. Keep branches inside the cage as the plant grows.

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Once your tomato plants reach about 3 ft. tall, remove the leaves from the bottom 1 ft. of ​stem. These are the oldest leaves and they are usually the first leaves to develop fungus problems. Also, it makes the plant stronger and leaving all the energy to grow the tomatoes, and it really makes sweeter fruits. ( Take a look at the above picture where I have just removed the lower leaves. It really helps the plants to grow faster ).


Pinch and remove suckers that develop in the crotch joint of two branches. They won’t bear fruit and will take energy away from the rest of the plant.

However go easy on pruning the rest of the plant. You can thin out a few leaves to allow the sun to reach the ripening fruit, but it’s the leaves that are photosynthesizing and creating the sugars that give flavor to your tomatoes.


Water deeply and regularly while the fruits are developing. Irregular watering – missing a week and trying to make up for it – leads to blossom end rot and cracking. The rule of thumb is to ensure your plants get at least 1 in. of water per week, but during hot, dry spells, they may need more. I also noticed that watering just the base of the plant is better and there’s less chance of fungus on the leaves to appear.


Side-dress your tomato plants with a complete organic fertilizer, such as 5-5-5. Apply the first side-dressing when the tomatoes are golf-ball sized, and then side-dress every three weeks.

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We usually start seeing our first read tomatoes appearing in late July but it totally depends of when your plants started blooming and on the location you live in. We are way up north in Canada so summers being short and warm weather always coming late, our harvest comes in later. It is a really exiting moments for the kids to start picking up their own tomatoes before diner or lunch. They often snack directly from the garden which I can’t complaint since it’s good vitamins right?

And now, on the hunt for some yummy recipes.

Definitely homemade ketchup, tomato sauce for base recipes and salsas.

What are you favorite tomato based recipes?

Here is a link that I really like to consult to get ready with my garden:

and I also linked a website for growing tips in Canada ( Quebec )

Thanks for reading.


Stephanie xx.


Fun and comfy sneakers

FullSizeRender 32Happy friday!!

I took a day off and know it’s going to be busy with my endless to do list… so staying comfy wearing those perfect Adidas retro style sneakers.

Shop them here with 50% off:

Hope you all have a pretty nice day and hey, the weekend is almost here!!


Bon vendredi!

J’ai pris une journée de congé aujourd’hui mais je sais déjà que ca sera une journée bien occupé avec ma liste infinie de choses à faire. #viedemaman

Alors mon choix vestimentaire est total comfort et surtout avec ces Adidas style rétro.

Magasinez-les avec ce lien, ils sont à 50% de rabais!!!

Bon vendredi….  le week end est là.

Stéphanie xx







Un monde magique parmi les papillons

Une visite chez B Fly

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La semaine dernière, nous avons eu la chance de visiter et de plonger dans la magie du rêve chez b Fly, localisé dans le quartier Dix30, à Brossard. Ce nouveau centre de divertissement pour enfants est vraiment spécial. Les petits peuvent experimenter trois expériences uniques entourées de vrais papillons, participer à des activités ludiques tel la machine à rêve ou bien participer à la coupe de sa propre géode de rêve.

Ce que j’aime beaucoup de cette belle aventure et visite chez B fly c’est qu’ils utilisent une approche pédagogique. Ils font faire cheminer l’enfant à travers cinq étapes importantes à son épanouissement :


ils utilisent la croyance de l’effet papillon positif pour amener les enfants à croire que de simples gestes peuvent bien souvent les aider à réaliser leurs plus grands rêves.

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Notre visite débute donc…

L’expérience de la volière consiste  à entrer dans un livre géant et à découvrir le Monde secret des papillons. Nous pouvons lire une histoire dans le parcours fantastique et même participer à une mission pour délivrer les papillons. Nous sommes donc invités à Admirez plusieurs espèces de papillons provenant de partout dans le monde et à en apprendre davantage sur les papillons et leur écosystème.

Lors de la visite, nous avons eu la chance de voir la volière en mode nuit. C’est en soirée que la volière dévoile pleinement sa magie, les jeux de lumière uniques et l’ambiance musicale se marient pour nous offrir une expérience unique parmi les papillons. Nous pouvons même voir les détails des ailes des papillons dans la noirceur grâce aux lumières de genre “blacklight”. C’est vraiment magique!

Il est possible de célébrer la fête de nos enfants chez B Fly où les enfants peuvent participer à une mission secrète et interactive pour délivrer les papillons qui ont été capturés par Grubus, le méchant collectionneur de papillons. Avec leur cristal magique, les enfants partiront à la recherche des papillons-guides et ils pourront vivre l’aventure ultime de la machine à rêves !

Point positif: Il y a un petit coin restaurant ou vous pourrez acheter des repas sains, donc pas de tracas à faire de lunch avant de partir.

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De plus, gardez-vous du temps pour visiter et vous laisser tenter par la boutique. Nous avons adorez les livres ansi que les jeux éducatifs.

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Les prix d’entrées sont vraiment raisonnables. Autre point positif, puisque le B fly est localisé en plein quartier Dix30, on peut entrecouper la session shopping si les enfants sont tannés avec cette belle visite au B fly.

Laissez moi savoir si vous y allez!!

Stephanie xx

Cozy summer nights.

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When we think about summer we definetly think about warm sunny days, fun at the beach or lake time, delicious  picnics, cool summer drinks, outdooring ( I’ll come back on that term later ) and long nights on the terrasse, backyards.

Living in Canada means that when warmer temperatures arrives, we really put ourselves in relax and let’s make the most of summer mode and we want to enjoy it as most as possible since summer is usually so short ( yes we have spring and fall but not warm enough to avoid wearing coat or chunky knits ).

Outdooring is a term that was invented in the province of Quebec, Canada a few years ago, 2010 to be more specific.

Surprisingly, the idea for outdooring can be traced to a surplus of unsold backyard gazebos from a pool and garden furniture retailer. Outdooring is creating a lounge-style outdoor living space, so you can enjoy your outdoor space a bit longer in the season in your garden, by designing your space that is available as an extension of indoor space, and by furnishing it with the same attention to comfort as you would decorate your living room per say.

Success to enjoy those long summer nights totally means that you need to get comfy pillows, chunky throws, candles, lounge music, maybe some snacks and of course yummy drinks.

My drink of the summer is definitely Nespresso iced coffee. Before falling in love with iced coffees, I always had in mind that it would taste the same as a “was hot and drinkable half an hour ago and still drinking it because I’m a mom”. But it is so far from that. Believe me, totally!!! It’s so good.

If you haven’t get to taste the Nespresso Intenso on Ice and Leggero on Ice, you need to. They are sooo GOOD. My favorite of their summer limited edition is  the Leggero on Ice, a mild, fruity, balanced coffee specifically designed to provide a delicate and refreshing iced beverage at home.

I shared last week with you some of my favorite Nespresso Iced coffee recipes but here is another one for you to try while hopefully enjoying long nights in your outdoor, cozy spaces. I am using the Nespresso Citiz & milk  and I need to admit that with our crazy busy life, this machine helped me a lot on time saving, because we all know that every minutes counts as a mom. That #momlife !!!

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I’ve linked my machine below:

Milk and Spice Iced Coffee Recipe

An iced milk foam with spices combined with an intense and powerful Grand Cru.


•1 capsule of either Leggero on Ice on or Intenso on Ice  (to produce 80 ml,3 oz of Nespresso coffee)

•tablespoons of crushed ice

•150 ml, 5 oz of cold milk

•Ground cinnamon, nutmeg or chocolate shavings


• Prepare the Nespresso (80 ml,3 oz) in a cappuccino cup and add sugar if desired

• Pour the preparation into a 350 ml,12 oz glass with the crushed ice

• Prepare 150 ml,5 oz of cold milk froth

• Add the milk to the iced coffee and top with a few spoonfuls of froth

• Sprinkle with cinnamon, nutmeg or chocolate shavings to finish

  • Serve immediately

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Go check Nespresso’s web site for the limited Nespresso Intenso on Ice and Leggero on Ice summer editions and for much MORE YUMMY RECIPES!

et voilà, enjoy you summer!

Stephanie x.

Favorite Iced coffee recipes

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Summer also means colder drinks and since I definitely live on coffee, making these iced coffee recipes for summer times makes it a little bit more fun!


I use Nespresso in all of my recipes since I find that you can change the taste since they have SO MANY different flavours with their caps.

Hope you try some of them and enjoy as much as I do!



  • 1 Nespresso Coffee ( I really like the Nespresso summer limited edition )
  • Half-and-half or 2% MILK (healthy splash per serving)
  • Sweetened condensed milk (2 to 3 tablespoons per serving


  • PREPARE 1 Nespresso Coffee ( I really like the Nespresso summer limited edition )
  • Pour in a tall glass with Iced cubes
  •  Add 2% MILK ( same amount of milk as coffee )
  • 1-2 dash of maple sirop


  • Prepare the NESPRESSO Espresso ( 3oz.  in a cappuccino cup and add sugar if desired.
  • Pour the preparation into a 350 ml,12 oz glass with the crushed ice.
  • Prepare 150 ml,5 oz of cold milk froth using the steam nozzle of your Nespresso machine or the Aeroccino milk frother.


  • Prepare the NESPRESSO Espresso ( 3oz.  in a cappuccino cup and add sugar if desired.
  • Pour the preparation into a 350 ml,12 oz glass with the ICED CUBES
  • Prepare 2 oz of cold milk froth using the steam nozzle of your Nespresso machine or the Aeroccino milk frother.
  • Add 1 measure of Amarula Cream
  • Top with the whipped cream and garnish with chocolate powder or pieces.

ENJOY and have a lovely summer


Stephanie x.








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As a mother of 3, I had the chance, if I can say that, to try several brands of diapers. Of course the diapers I am looking for has to be soft , sturdy and needs to do the job, holding in what needs to be hold in. That’s obvious I know, but let me tell you, not all of them does. I think the best quality a diaper needs to have ( personally ) is definitely keeping our little one’s bum clean and dry. Crucial to keeping our baby comfortable and avoiding diaper rash.
Since I still have 2 kids wearing diapers, Axel of course not being potty trained yet and Liam still needing for night time, I am in a full time diaper mode and I could talk about this for pages. We’ve washed and washed their  beds so many times in the morning, that when you find the best diaper that keeps them dry for the night, that means extra hours of sleep for mom and dad right? It’s totally the perfect situation.
With so many diapers changed from the newborn stage until they become potty trained ( who counts them anyways), they are so many times that little accidents happens and we wished we had a different diaper. We are all looking for that BEST diaper and of course, less leakage and blowouts… so everyone is happier, mama, baby and even the washing machine 🙂
Pampers being definitely on the top of my list because of the following I observed with my own experiences:
  • low rash
  • low fragrance odor
  • great protection from leakage
  • and plus, it’s the most recommended diaper by hospitals and paediatricians
Talking about Pampers and their continuous innovations, they are proud to share that Pampers Baby Dry will now have the same Extra Absorb Channels that exist on Swaddlers and Cruisers. So now
Pampers Baby Dry is thinner and drier for superior overnight protection and comfort, giving moms
and  babies up to 12 hours of overnight protection.
This also makes Pampers the first brand to offer this innovation on their entire line of diapers.
Pampers understands how important sleep is for your baby’s development. Research shows
babies’ skin can sense wetness, acting as little “alarm clocks” that can potentially wake them
from a peaceful sleep. There may be many things that will disturb your child’s sleep, but
thanks to Pampers innovation, your diaper will not be one of them.
 A Thicker Diaper Is Not A Better Diaper – Pampers Baby Dry is thinner, which
allows for a more comfortable fit while Pampers exclusive thick-to-thin technology
distributes wetness evenly and locks it away so babies are even drier than before.
Unlike ordinary diapers with two layers, Pampers has three absorbent layers to stay
up to 3x drier, pulling liquid away, so babies can sleep soundly all night.
Baby Dry Diaper
 Stretchy Sides: All around stretchy sides for a comfortable fit
 Wetness Indicator: Lets you know when your baby might need a change
 Soft like cotton: A soft touch to give your baby all-around comfort
I really encourage you to try this new diaper from Pampers and their new innovation.  Let me know what new changes you notice after a few days and wishing you all better night sleep and happy mornings.
Stephanie x

Oh no, poor baby!


Seeing our little ones suffer with any kind of physical problem is never a pleasant experience and can be scary and heart braking. I thought I would share what I just learned about this skin infection. ( I do not pretend to be a doctor, or nurse or pharmacist at all, I am JUST SHARING with you what I have found about Impetigo).

At the beginning we thought it was hand foot mouth but it ended to be Impetigo.

As this is not an infection I was aware, I made some research trying to understand more and learn about it. My little one has it after all.

Here is what I have found, directly from ( the baby center web site ). I have NO CREDIT for the following text.

What is impetigo?

Impetigo is a highly contagious skin infection that happens when staph or strep bacteria enter the skin — through a cut or scrape, for example. It’s most common among children between the ages of 2 and 6 years.

Impetigo usually isn’t dangerous, but it can be itchy and ugly. And complications — like more serious skin infections, scarring, and kidney inflammation — are possible, so it’s important to treat impetigo promptly.

What are the symptoms of impetigo?

There are different kinds of impetigo, with different symptoms, but it usually shows up as a cluster of little red blisters that ooze, burst, and spread. Depending on the bacteria involved, however, the blisters may be larger and more resilient. The skin around the blisters may be red. Your baby’s lymph nodes might become swollen in the area of the infection.

Most often the blistering appears around the nose and mouth, but you might also see it on your baby’s arms, legs, or other areas. Multiple patches are common. As the pus dries, it forms a yellowish-brown crust or scabs that look like honey or brown sugar.

How did my baby get impetigo?

Pretty easily — impetigo is very contagious. Your baby may have picked up the bacteria by touching an infected child or some object that the child touched, like a toy or a towel. Or he may have already had the bacteria on the surface of his skin and then gotten a cut, allowing the bacteria to enter and cause an infection.

In addition to cuts and scrapes, the bacteria can invade the skin through cold soreseczema, an insect bite, or other areas where your child’s skin is damaged or sensitive. He may get it right below his nose if it’s sensitive there from wiping away mucus. Impetigo is more common during warm, humid weather.

How is impetigo treated?

If the infection is very mild, your baby’s doctor may recommend that you simply keep the area clean and let it clear up on its own. More likely, though, your baby will need antibiotics to get rid of the infection. He musttake the full course of medication to keep the infection from returning. Instead of oral antibiotics, your baby’s doctor may prescribe an antibiotic skin cream to clear up the rash.

Whether or not your baby receives antibiotics, you’ll need to keep the infected skin clean. Twice a day, gently wash away the scabs with soap and warm water, and then pat the area dry. Use a clean towel each time, and don’t let anyone else use it afterward — or use a paper towel and toss it.

If your doctor has prescribed a topical ointment, apply it to the tender exposed skin. Your doctor may suggest loosely covering the infected skin with a gauze bandage.

Keep your baby’s fingernails trimmed to prevent him from scratching the area, which can spread the infection to other parts of his body — or to other people.

Call the doctor if the treatment doesn’t seem to be working after three days, your baby gets a fever, or the infected area becomes noticeably red and tender. If your baby keeps getting reinfected, talk to your doctor about how to identify and treat the source of the problem.

The doctor may need to do a tissue culture to determine which type of bacteria your baby is dealing with. To do this, she’ll take a sample of the infected area with a simple skin swab. When the culture comes back a day or two later, she can determine which antibiotic will be most effective.

How can I prevent my baby from spreading the infection to others?

If your baby’s impetigo isn’t treated, he may be contagious for several weeks. Once he begins antibiotic treatment and the rash starts to clear (usually after 24 hours), he’s no longer contagious. In the meantime, keep your baby out of daycare and other close-contact situations.

Be vigilant about hygiene: Wash your baby’s clothes, sheets, and towels every day and prevent friends and family members from sharing soap, towels, hairbrushes, or other personal items with your baby. Wear gloves when you apply his ointment, and wash your hands well afterward.

Make sure all the members of your household wash their hands regularly with soap and water. You may want to use paper towels for drying until the impetigo clears up.


We consulted our paediatrician and this is what I highly recommend if you have any doubts with you baby’s health.

Good night.


Stephanie XO

Traveling solo.

SOLO Traveling

As a full time working mama of 3 boys (well 4 if I count hubby, it counts right haha!), I sometimes find business trips relaxing and resourceful ( ya! believe me )… the reason being that I have to just think about me for those few hours, ( even if I have the head loaded with numbers, deals, presentations and busy schedule ).

I won’t talk about the preparation that it involves before I leave  the house (making sure that the kids have clothes prepared in piles (it helps daddy with color matching), kids lunches are almost all done, reminders and love notes on the kitchen table etc…

Those little LOVE NOTES just makes me feel more connected to home because I know they will tell me about it when I call home that night.

I thought I would share some of my tips of solo traveling that can be use for sure ( because I do ) for when I travel with my hubby or with all my little tribe.


I have a rolling carry-on sized luggage that I use as much for my road trips or when I need to travel by plane. When I am solo traveling, I like the fact that I can attach a light weight bag or week end bag on with a strap. It helps since my hands can be almost free when you need to run to catch your next flight or check in at the hotel.

I’m using the Away Carry-On model for the following reasons:

  • it has two compartments, one designed for clothes, the other for shoes, toiletries, and other hard objects, and the outside shell is impenetrable and bends under pressure, never breaks.
  • The Carry-On’s built-in battery can charge any USB device so you’ll always be able to check your maps, email, or Slack.
  • A nylon laundry bag separates clean clothes from dirty—even wet bathing suits.
  • Two zippers slot into a combination lock, so no one’s getting into your stuff but you (it’s TSA approved).
  • Wheels rotate 360° for a perfect roll every time. and believe me, the kids have tried it several times, and they keep rolling!!!



I think, ( well I know ) it’s a girl’s problem, that I always overpack so having a week end back extra is always handy for little extras like my makeup pouch, magazines, bottle of water, extra pair of shoes or just to toss in some souvenirs for hubby and the kiddos.

And you know what I use for extra bag ( or week end bag ), some of my diaper bags. Because, I have to agree that they are pretty cool diaper bags now that don’t look at all like diaper bags, and also I need to admit that I like the double duty of those, and also because they are usually made with durable and wipeable material‎, which makes them perfect for traveling.

My favorites to travel with are:

  • Kate Spade
  • Fawn Design
  • Tory Burch


I ALWAYS bring and wear a scarf, ( well they are usually part of my daily ootd’s ) but as well when I am traveling. If it’s winter, I might opt for a thicker version and if it’s to go to our beach vacations or spring/summer season, I will opt for a lighter version, but always keeping in mind that I want to bring the widest/largest one since it can double as a wrap/blanket if things get chilly (and they usually do), or even use it as a pillow.


I always put my travel sized bottles ( shampoo/conditioner/anything potentially leaky) in ziplock bags. I just had to many bad experiences in the past of bottles leaking in my luggage and just ruining clothes that I just don’t want it to happen again. Even if I don’t need to take the plane, I prefer travel size bottles to regular size. It’s just better when travel and just making sure they are not over 3.4 ounces (100 ml), or you will get busted.

In the carry on if you need to check a bigger bag. bring a T-shirt, and a pair of socks. Other good items to bring in your carry-on: makeup wipes  and/or blotting wipes, dry shampoo, a toothbrush, some basic makeup (lip gloss, concealer, and mascara are my go-tos), and a travel-sized tube of toothpaste.


I usually pack (comfortable) heels, flats, running shoes, and a pair of flipflop ( for showers or spa) and I usually wear ankle boots or flats on the plane, that are still sophisticated paired with leggings, a tee and a blazer for comfy traveling.



I honestly prefer to travel in leggings, (fancy classy ones) paired with a tee or cute ( but comfy) top and a blazer or cardigan. If you are driving or in a longer flight, believe me that you will appreciate those comfy clothes unless you have to go straight to a meeting or the office. One thing for sure is that I never travel in a dress or skirt suit. It’s just don’t want to be constricted. It always depends as well what you are doing as soon as you leave the plane or car.


I always bring my earphones with me, even if I need to make a short travel. It can be just useful to take a call, from listening to music to watching the news on your smart phone, and we need to admit that it also cuts the noise around because you never know how noisy it can be in the plane.

I use the Sudio earphones and they are really my favorites for the following reasons:

  • They boasts up to 8 hours of unlimited play-time and standby for up to 10 days, which is just great when you travel.
  • The quality sound and noise isolation is amazing.
  • They are light, comes with a little case and they are so stylish.

You can use my code chicmom15 to get a 15% discount code on your purchase.



When traveling, make sure to bring or get a bottle of water, especially by plane, it’s because the humidity is much lower than what you typically encounter on a daily basis, and can lead to dehydration which can cause fatigue and bad headaches, which obviously, we don’t wish for.


I always bring with me some snacks. Because I prefer to eat smaller meals but more frequently, I usually end up being hungry after 3 hours or so. They’re healthier and cheaper than anything you’ll get at the airport. I prefer fruit, bars or energy bites, or even some cut veggies with hummus but don’t forget that if you change country, you CAN’T bring fruits and vegetables when going thru the border.



It’s always when I travel, for work or personal, that I always read the most. I guess there is a switch in my head that puts me in a relax mode or what, that I feel like reading. Maybe it’s just because I have more time for me. So I always make sure that I have 1 book to read and I usually get tempted to buy 1 or 2 magazines at the airport or drug store before leaving.

Face wipes, gloss, kleenex, mints

Most important, try to enjoy your time when you are away and knowing that you are prepared will give you the necessary ease of mind to enjoy your trip.

I would love to hear your personal tips and what are your fav finds that you love to bring when traveling.


Hope it helped!


Stephanie xx.




We are an outdoor family, always trying to find something to do outdoors and I kindly forced my children to be outdoor loving little men. What I mean by that is they all started being outside a couple days after their birth, and that also counts napping outside, either in a baby carrier, in a sled or in the stroller.

Daily temperature here in Montreal, Canada, oftently drops to -5C to -10C and it’s really common for us to leave our little Axel for a sleep in his stroller outside on winter days.


I think it’s good for them to be in the fresh air as soon as possible especially during winter when there is so much diseases around. All my three boys slept outside from an early age and mostly during winter time. Maybe it’s just me but they seem healthier. 

Borned in december myself, my mother had me sleep in the pram almost daily as soon as I was a couple of weeks old… and I survived haha!

The theory behind outdoor napping is that children exposed to fresh air, whether in summer or the depths of winter, are less likely to catch coughs and colds and I truly believe in it.And you know what?! All my 3 sons slept much more longer outside in the stroller compaired to naps indoors.

I’m pretty sure that 2 things really helps: fresh air being the main reason and also, the fact that I swaddle him a lot and he doesn’t get overheated because of the cold environment surrounding.

Key to long naps outdoors and making sure that baby wont be cold.

  • Warm clothes & many layers
  • warm sleeping bag
  • stroller with extended canopy

My routine to get baby ready for an outdoor nap:

  1. dress baby, if possible with a merino wool suit ( never cotton )
  2. dress baby in layer
  3. on colder days, I always add on a fleece pant and top
  4. wool socks are a must and some baby lined booties
  5. put a well covering hat, neck warmer and little gloves ( although his winter suit has hand flaps )
  6. we got a 1 piece snow suit, light one, not to bulky
  7. we got a baby sleeping sack that we use almost 7 months a year. on warmer days, it’s just so practical since I sometimes don’t need to dress baby as warm or I can remove a layer as the bunting bag just keeps him warm.
  8. extended canopies on strollers will protect baby for stronger winds or snow fall. Although I like when there is a breeze going to my little one’s face so he can get the fresh air, I just want to make sure that he doesn’t get to many snow flakes in the face or direct stronger winds which would probably end that peaceful napping and freeze his fragile skin. ( I love the Valco baby for that reason and + many other great features, it rides so well in the snow) 
  9. finally I always check again and again my little one just to make sure he’s not cold since he doesn’t move as much as we do outside and  that he could get colder much faster then us moving.

my MUST HAVE LIST for dressing baby in winter time.

  • 7am enfant (Igloo sac)
  • NorthFace Thermoball bunting
  • Robeez lined booties (Classic baby boots)
  • Valco baby stroller ( we have the Tri mode X)

FullSizeRender 14.jpg

My 3 boys really enjoy the outdoors at the moment, since they were little, cold or not and I really think that it helped them bond with sometimes not so clement weather. it’s all about having fun and to share more happy moments as well so being prepared and well dressed will all make it much more easier and joyful.

Have fun in the cold.

Stéphanie xx