Axel’s big boy room


Because just a little bit Axel turned 3, we decided to change his bed for a real big boys bed so he would definitly sleep better, so do we. Also, since my husband is a firman, when he comes back from work and the kids are all in my bed in the morning, he will sometimes borrow Axel’s room, and sleep much better then he would have in his toddler’s transition bed.


I get tones of questions on Axel’s bed, mattress and decor so here are some details from what we bought since now and I will keep updating it on what I add or change, so stay tuned.


Metal single bed: Wayfair

Mattress: Endy ( use code CHICMOM50 for 50$ off )

Duvet cover: Teeny tiny linens

Bonne Nuit pillow: Vestibule mini

Cactus wallpaper: Anewall


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